The Smoking Bong

Hello! This is Carlton Milhouse, your botanist. Welcome to The Smoking Bong, a periodic review of Bud and all things related. The clock on my wall reads 4:20. Shall we begin?


Blue Globe

Spanning the globe…

    I pursued a career in the field of botany due to my love for all things Cannabis in nature. I am a true stoner, happily and shamelessly leading a true stoners life, but I’m legit, ya dig? I am not a burn out, nor am I an idiot. I work, I am intelligent, I pay my bills and I keep an immaculate home. All while completely baked, nearly every minute of every day.




…in the quest for bud!



Cannabis Sativa. I love the way it smells, the way it looks, the way it does that sexy, slow burn in the Sherlock bubbler pictured above (a very fine piece of glassware from the Mountain Jam Glass Company of Eugene, Oregon). Most of all I love the way it makes me feel. It keeps me sane in an insane world.

While The Smoking Bong will explore all things Cannabis, I do not wish that this become a forum of debate regarding legalization. When the voices backing legalization have moved away from a discussion centered around decriminalization, to plans for commercialization and revenue stream, well… Friends, sad to tell you, when that is where the conversation begins the debate is already lost. I reject their terms and I refute their laws. Let’s keep the politics out of play here.

I shall regale you with Bud and bong reviews, tales from deep within the stoner culture (all names changed, of course, to protect the innocent). The music, the munchies, the cartoons, stoner films new and old; in general getting baked while having a few really good discussions. There is a clock in my home that is permanently set at 4:20. That’s because any hour of the day can be…



Wait….  What?