The biggest RINO you know

I should assume that most who have navigated to this place will understand the meaning of the term RINO.  As it is so often dangerous to assume anything I will provide the translation: Republican In Name Only.  This is a term known in circles of the left, though it holds little currency for them as their disdain for anything republican is pretty much universal. On the right this is a derogatory term applied to those of the republican party (a majority, I hasten to add) who do not adhere to the purity of conservative dogma. If the republican party was the true home of conservative ideology in practice the label might well fit for many of those upon whom this tag has been hung. I believe that the entire meaning of this term needs to be re-examined and further, redefined. This begins with an honest evaluation of what republican means today, at least in terms of the national republican party and it’s leadership.

To begin, this did not occur overnight. The current state of the republican party, as with their opposites, is a by-product of the growth of the state. By state I mean the federal government; at it’s core and in it’s multiple tentacles. In practice, in terms of governance, there is virtually no difference between the two. That’s the reality. The drama that plays out for public consumption is actually quite similar to that demonstrated publicly by the democrat party. Just as democrats pander to the disparate interests of union labor, environmentalists, feminists and minorities (while actually doing the bidding of banking, corporate globalism and the security apparatus of the state); the republicans likewise pander to the disparate interests of evangelicals, fiscal conservatives, small business and libertarians (while actually doing the bidding of banking, corporate globalism and the security apparatus of the state). This is most often referred to in the familiar term “the establishment”.

Though there may be differing ideas as to what actually constitutes the establishment, it is a term that I will continue to use for the purpose of this discussion. I submit that the definition of the national republican party we should use is that of the republican side of the aforementioned establishment: simply stated, the republican establishment. In this case the term RINO means one who bears the label of that party, but by their speech and actions they are not regarded as members in good standing. If this is our true definition of the term then President Donald Trump is the biggest RINO we know.

The republican party served as a vehicle to the office, the path of least resistance if one weighs the chances of successfully navigating the minefield of the other side’s primary season. It was painfully obvious through the republican primary process that their establishment was likewise hostile to the Trump candidacy. As the party’s nomination of Trump as their standard bearer for the 2016 election became a fait accomplit their establishment split into three camps: those who were active and vocal in their opposition, those who were furtive and silent in their opposition and finally, the ever lurking opportunists. As those of the first and third of those varieties are so recognizable, one is left only to conclude that those absent from their number fall squarely into the second camp. And in terms of the republican party this camp comprises the majority. They escape notice or scrutiny because they are cloaked in the legitimacy of things like “the law” and “national security” and, dare I say, fealty to the highest bidder.

We have been governed by farce for an age. Congressmen do not represent their constituents. They go through the motions by throwing the occasional bone in the form of pet pork projects delivered to the state or district. Once elected, with extraordinarily few exceptions, the congressman or senator does the bidding of their donors and of their respective parties’ leadership. Remember when Donald Trump, during the election and since, said that “the game is rigged”? Many scoff, but who of their number can refute this? The mountains of evidence supporting this assertion accumulate at an accelerating pace.

Trump is in fact a man without a party, but who must nonetheless court political allies where he can find them. Since he is the horror of their own creation there will never be succor for Trump from democrats. Within the existing political construct of Washington the only possible source of help comes, if not from the national republican party, then from within those ranks. Trumps real support, for all of the extreme pains taken to deny it, comes from the public, out here in Realville where most Americans live. The leadership and the wealthy donor interests for republican and democrat alike have had their heads lodged so far up their own rectums for so long that the ear canals are permanently fouled with feces. They are tone deaf in every sense.

There will be no blue wave in November. Instead there is quite likely to be a red wall. This will occur not out of any loyalties or deep love and embrace of the republican party, and all of the craven indifference they symbolize. It will come out of the support that President Trump garnered for his electoral victory in 2016 and the additional followers he has gained from those who have turned off the networks. They believe what they see in their communities, their businesses, their paychecks. They don’t believe anything coming from the networks and in fact, in many instances, their votes for republican candidates are intended as a giant Fuck You to all of the pundits and politicos.

Trump makes the direct appeal for this support of republican candidates for the express purpose, often stated as such, to keep Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker’s chair. It is a sound and extremely succinct case to be made because we all understand what it means. The democrats with the reins of power restored to their hands will waste no time: the retribution will be swift and ruthless because they can not afford to let it slip from their grasp again. And we all now have been given a glimpse into the depth and breadth of the corruption, abuse of power and wanton urination upon constitutional rule that has infected every level of Washington. There is more. Much, much more. I am not fool enough to believe that everything will be revealed. There are some cases where it may be a matter rather akin to Ford’s pardon of Nixon: loudly decried at the time, but in retrospect seen as a wise and sober judgement made in the interest of letting the nation move on from an ugly episode of their history. As a relatively young nation we have certainly born our share of those.

This is a hideous scab that has festered and presented foul infection upon the backs of every American citizen. If we do not yank the bandage clean and dress the wound, nurture it to healing, it will lead to our demise. It will leave a scar, there is no doubt, but better to be scarred than scared. There are no pardons warranted for these malefactors. Prosecutions and real prison terms are vital or this will only resume once Trump has left the White House.

If he wants my vote in 2020 he must do two things, if nothing else. The Justice Department needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, including Jeff Sessions. In his last public appearance the Attorney General seemed to be slowly morphing into Bartok the Bat (think Hank Azaria with an Alabama accent). Get the department staffed with competent, honest prosecutors. This will take time. It is worth the time. The second thing? The President should take Air Force One back to London, go directly to the Ecuadoran Embassy with a signed order granting asylum and full immunity from prosecution to Julian Assange. Mr. Assange should be brought to the United States to be fully deposed on what he knows, with corroboration, reside as our guest in the White House and should at all times remain under the protection of the Secret Service.

Will he do it? I doubt it, but he has been full of surprises. It would be a ballsy move, one that few others could pull off. If he does? There’s going to be a rash of suicides in Washington.