Bonfire of denial

Bonfire! Bonfire! Burning bright

Please render nil emotional blight

Save us from trauma of profit and greed

We’ll accept less if it’s all guaranteed

And spare us from those who will not agree

That our way is best, we’re so much smarter than you

Though we’ve not passed the test we still know what to do

We’ll keep right on doing what we’ve done in the past

But this time with more money (to make sure it lasts)

We’ll discredit detractors and elevate fools

Who cry of disasters as they write up new rules

For the commoners only to comply and obey

Just not for us: rules get in the way

Of the gigantic party we’ve held here for years

While we’ve siphoned your paychecks and stoked all your fears

Spent all the money, borrowed trillions more

All because we could, the voters are whores