A freak like me

Some thoughts from Celestial Wilde


I love to be outside, I hike and camp. I am not, however, one of “those people”. I’ve never done more than ten miles at one time. I don’t subscribe to any publications that tell me about the best bug spray or which tent to purchase. And while I thoroughly enjoy a camping vacation, I also love four star hotels! So, now that you know I’ll probably never hike the Appalachian Trail, also know that I do four to five miles every day. I can totally imagine an outdoor, farm life. I’ll get there someday. I will.

I want twenty acres, away from everyone else. I’ll put up my own shelter (there are a lot of kits to choose from), filter water, grow veggies and I plan on raising and keeping at five chickens at all times. I’ll use solar and geothermal power for what I can with a generator available when needed. I don’t expect my power requirements to be great. The property must have a pond for swimming, sunbathing and other summer fun. I’ll grow my own weed, live and love outside, naked and free.

My place will need to be somewhere that has a long growing season, but I don’t want to have to worry about water. I also don’t want to have to worry about “the man”, Five-OH, you know.  This is my place, away from everyone for a reason. I’m not hurting anyone, please leave me alone. No dense population, just dense woodland. I’ve always enjoyed sex in the woods. I want someplace that has four seasons, but a short, mild winter. I don’t like environments where there is never at least one hard freeze to kill off all the bugs! 

Eventually I’d like to install a few buildings. Cottages, cabins….yurts? I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking if I have nice places for people to stay I’d invite all of my swinger friends to come out for a visit. Maybe two or three other couples to play with. Dress this thing up right, we could provide all the meals, luxury, private backwoods accommodations for recreation and sex. Oh, that’s kind of redundant, isn’t it?

Everybody needs some place they can get their freak on. My place would be designed so that everyone could “play” anywhere on the property. We could also have different, specific plays areas set up and be happy to facilitate any and all fantasy fulfillment. We provide the space, would love to watch or, even better, happily participate. I big fireside orgy in the woods sounds amazing! With four star meals ( I am a chef by profession), 800 thread count sheets, ample supply of condoms, gels or other “accessories”, a pond to skinny dip in and twenty acres to explore…Well hell! I can charge for this!

There it is folks: my retirement plan. Cum one, cum all. I love to be outside! It is life giving, oxygen, sunshine and freedom. Not just for some, but for everyone. Freedom to be the freak that I am!


Love and light, Celeste