My Room

One little room

it has a window

it has a light

it used to be mine,

but I lost it at night.

It heads in there

when secrets be told


in the dark,

thievery quite bold.

It thinks that I’m stupid

that I don’t know

what goes on in there

it used to be my room.

It thinks that I don’t know,

or thinks that I simply don’t care.

It took over my room

without even a thought.

It goes in there to do things-

things it should not.

And I’m not to care,

it thinks not of my strife

when it heads to this room

to live another life.

So Ive lost my room

It is also heading out

but what do I do

not in my nature to shout.

But live on I will,

I’ve been here before.

I’ll shut off that room,

and NEVER open that door.


Love and light, Celeste