Ladies, we need to talk. Any of you ever watch that Netflix series Disjointed? Well I’m about to have my Dabby moment: shut up, you cunts!

Seriously. Cry wolf (or should that be cry cock?), all of you, until any REAL victims’ cries for help will be ignored because you have so poisoned the air around them. You bitches can’t see this, though, because you all seem to be convinced that because you are women this automatically makes any of your claims completely valid.  I have known a lot of women who felt comfortable enough within the company of their “sisters” too freely admit cases of fabricated or exaggerated assault or rape charges. I have also known a number of men who have been victimized by false pregnancy claims, but I don’t see them marching in the streets with phallus hats on their heads and whining about it.

So any swinging dick is evil and you’re all pure as the wind driven snow? We’re all victims of a rape culture, that’s your narrative. Well from where I’m sitting I can see that you are all victims alright. You’ve all been made tools (garden hoes?) for someone else’s agenda.

I’m assuming that there are at least some of you who have endured the ghastly trauma of penetration and given birth to a child. About half of you have given birth to sons specifically. What’s your story going to be when your boy is 17, or 20 or 21 and some little skank comes along and tries to put the screws on? You bitches gonna hang your own blood out to dry? Yeah, you probably would. Either that or you’ll raise them to be some emasculated beta male that will still be living in your basement when he’s 40.

You can wear black, march, raise your fist, stand in solidarity for the “sisterhood”. Go on. Do all of that, but at the end of the day what have you accomplished? Only one thing. You have made complete asses of yourselves. While I’m at it burning bridges, here is some advice for all of you fellas out there. When the walkout happens today have your camera phones ready. Get pictures of everyone of these babes and get their faces up on Facebook or any other platform you use. Warn your brothers: DO NOT, ever, go out with these bitches. In fact, if you can, never even speak to them. You’ll probably end up facing a charge of harassment for your trouble.

Real victims are like real war heroes: they don’t go running their mouths about what happened. Not voluntarily. Oh, and before you try it, don’t go and twist that around into the rationalization for why women wait to or fail to report. You think that you are decrying victimhood. You are not. You are celebrating it, wallowing in it. It’s your crutch, that little aid you employ to prop up your self affirmation. You’ve made victimhood your identity. That is not the hallmark of the strong and independent woman. It is the character failing of pussies. 

So today, while all you bitches are lighting up Paint it Black, I’m gonna take my smoke break and light up She’s a Rainbow.  Git yer ya-yas out, bitches!


Love and light, Celeste