High Tea w/ Celeste Wilde

The day is gray, and I will waste it away

My morning is quiet, all stillness about/ I reach into my desk, grab my tray and pull it out

My tray is equipped with all that I need/ Papers, grinder, and of course a fat sack of weed

I grind it, I roll it,a fat doobie with flair/ I breath deep in and out, my lungs I prepare

I light the match, and inhale the sweet smoke/I hold the smoke in, my head spins and I hope I dont choke

The exquisite numbness, it moves my soul/ Taking over all thoughts,blissfulness is my goal

I love this feeling, my brain cells they quake/ How lucky I am, enjoying the wake and bake

Doobie half gone now, the high settles in/ reality diminished, the fantasies begin

I suck once again, the smoke inside me/ Wishing that Carlton was here for this tea

The joint is gone now, I’m high as can be……………

Have a good morning my friends, hope that today you get as high as me!!!!!