On English Bay

We departed the mountains in darkness

The Sun’s yawning stretch cross-continental

flailing at my back

Banks of artificial light burrow

through the mists to find the sea

Shadows of stone lay down

in the rearview

lost in night’s repose

The wet streaks the windows

Magnifies the twinkling lights

of the city below

Bridges arced with fireflies

spanned the straits

Midnight blue in glass

like blood from a wound

In a world tilted downhill

Touched ground on Hastings

and dissolved into the mists

Coffee House Irish Whiskey at 3:00 AM

Smoking hash with some freaks

in a cold flat under a bridge

Stranger in a strange land

No Heinlein Hero, I

I wandered off at dawn

til my boots found the sand

English Beat on my Walkman

Sunrise on English Bay