Clarity through medication

I need to reach that state

of mindless sedation

to dull my impulses

of wanton predation

We’re all agents of chaos

we get to wear masks

So polite, aren’t we?

It depends who one asks

No one tells you anything

if you don’t want to hear

When no one can be honest

leaves only suspicion and fear

My truth serum is amber

it comes in a bottle green

enabling me to say anything

so you’ll know exactly what I mean

While others are prescribed to doses

meant to dull their thought

and leave them feeling envy

for things that others have got

For they could not have earned these rightly

It simply isn’t fair

Any falsehood to be forgiven

if it’s meant to show they care

These charlatans are so busy

setting all wrongs right

Incapable of understanding

when others put up a fight

These are useful idiots

meant to act as some others’ shill

They still have not discovered this

and I suspect they never will