Labor Day not the end

’tis but late summer

Weeks of breath left in these sails

The pole has infiltrated

The advance guard already

visits our sleep

They bring respite

and death

In treetop flirtation

Nightly seduction

The veil wither and falls

Somewhere beyond these mountains

lies a wide and empty sea

Beneath stars that are beyond counting

the very same that are over me

Restless winds whistle, they whisper

in swaying grasses on the dunes

Old Sol is setting, air grows crisper

as the season changes tunes

September’s dawn hails a change

the last wheezing breath before spent

while wardrobes discreetly exchange

In mere weeks we’ll wonder where it went

But the moon and stars they fall the same

when winter’s pull draws low

Horizons sink, fill the bottom frame

and it passes before we know