Enemy of the people?

Just some quick, random thoughts on this topic. There seem to be those, primarily of the media establishment, who would have us believing that the Trump administration has declared war on a “free press”. Seeing as it is their ox getting gored we should expect this, I suppose. Sorry, I’m not buying it. These members of that establishment are not “free”. They are enslaved to the dictates of the very establishment to which they so stubbornly cling. It is groupthink writ large.

They may not be the enemy of the people, but they are the enemies of journalism. They dare call themselves journalists, whilst they walk free and profit from lies. Meanwhile one of the few remaining true journalists is imprisoned for telling the truth. The whole, ugly, inconvenient truth. As long as Julian Assange remains as the guest of Her Majesty I see the Crown as the greatest enemy of the people. You see if he was lying it wouldn’t matter. He’s only in trouble because he speaks the truth.

Instead of pursuing extradition and preparing charges against Assange the US government should extend asylum and full immunity. I don’t expect the deep state apparatchiks to do this. This calls for an executive order and every measure of protection that can be extended. NOT the FBI. They are NOT to be trusted with ANYTHING. Maybe Secret Service or US Marshals. 

Do you believe Jeffrey Epstein was really a suicide? If you do you’ll probably swallow whatever bullshit story that is dumped on us should Assange suddenly meet an untimely end. Mark this date and take it to the bank. 

That is my undilutable slang truth for the day. Look for a new Doom and Reprisal column later this week. Ford Wenty out.