It’s going to be a tough week for some…


Buckle up kids. There’s gonna be some shit goin’ down this week. Expect more leaks and more breathless headlines from the Post and the New York Slimes. It’s all in anticipation of the Friday scheduled release of  Inspector General Horowitz’ report on the DOJ FISA warrant abuse. As the details become official and public it reduces the square footage of the already rapidly shrinking corner that the bad actors have painted themselves into.

For those among you who may have fully vested themselves in the credibility of our corporate media, well there is no way to sugar coat this: in the next week you’re all getting a big, fat I TOLD YOU SO. Some feelings are no doubt going to be hurt. TOO FUCKING BAD. You need to suck it up and admit to yourselves that this is not just another ongoing saga of dirty politics. We are talking about criminal behavior on a massive scale throughout our federal law enforcement and intelligence services. CRIMINAL. Do you get a pass on criminal behavior? What’s that? Oh, no, you don’t. These assholes are working on our dime. Why the fuck do they get a pass?

Lemme tell ya what else we’re all gonna find as they continue to peel this rotten onion. We are going to get confirmation that there have been a substantial number of people from both houses of congress and MANY in the media who have been complicit in the entire affair. 

You know what I find hilarious? Trump takes credit for the line “drain the swamp”, but as with much that he says this is not entirely true. You know who had the phrase first? Why none other than Nancy Pelosi herself! Doubt me? Look it up. Part of her address after her party won back the House in the 2006 midterms. It was part of her introduction as the Speaker of the House in waiting.

I only have one thing to say to the Bat Lady from Baltimore: hold an impeachment vote before the full House of Representatives or shut the fuck up.

By the time this all ends nobody will be laughing. 



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