New American Gothic



They say our lives are excess

that we’re sealing our own doom

Just because we’ve found a way

to hang a flatscreen in every room

We far exceed our potential

while we put it all on display

Taking on debts exponential

Why that’s the American way

Indentured servants to credit scores

We must labor long and hard

’til our wealth spills outside our doors

and accumulates in the yard

Still, we’re better than those bumpkins

who still live out on the farm

Where we go for Halloween pumpkins

wearing our virtues on the arm

Slack jawed dullards who can’t emote

No wonder, seeing how they live

Those people don’t deserve to vote

There’s no value they can give

Suffer illusions of liberty

though their lives seem grim and hard

while the trophies of their poverty

are up on blocks out in the yard

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