3:37 AM

Another hallway. Another building in another place. Another date in months and years no longer counted.

It is night again and sleep eludes us. The cupboard is bare and I smoke in the silence. Fritz has followed me again. From place to place he is ever in my dust. Sometimes at night he’ll be sociable.

Hello Thomas. What troubles you at this hour?

Hello Fritz. These are the hours of Midnight and other beasts.

Do the beasts frighten you Thomas?

No. They are my friends. I am one of them.

Wieso! Mensch!

Yes, Fritz. Yes. What spirits plague your rest?

None. I know not rest. Your friend Marko sends his greetings.

Does he? And how is Marko? Someplace warm, I hope.

Marko says it’s time to burn it all down.

Does he?

He does.

Do you think they’ll notice?

Marko said you would ask this.

Did he?

He did.

Did Marko have an answer for this question?

He said it didn’t matter any more.

Do you think he is right Fritz?

Fritz was gone. And so is Marko. I look at the clock.

It reads 3:37 AM