In Hospital: in three acts

Hospital, knows no hospitality

home of sickness; home of healing

Sterile steel and glass

with death her dealing

Should have gone like my old hound

and run away to die

To pass in the night without a sound

just run away to die

Can be angry now

have earned the right

but to no purpose and pray

will not last the night


She waits, nervous by the bed

Don’t want to be here

almost rather be at work

No choices left in life

every act for someone else

No breath left for self validation

I still need you, she cries in her silent heart

to be your little girl again

in the soft light of warm spaces

on rainy November days

Safe from train whistle dragons

roaring in the night

Now could just have it over

to end the wait


Young man in a waiting room

Monotone and shades of beige

Present on the periphery

a stage prop for glossy brochures

Doesn’t understand the need

for this appearance

Will this be a day to remember

or a scene forever shunned from mind

All wait for death

He is waiting for departure

Waiting for this life to begin

Night falls darker

as two will leave this place today

but only one is parting

leaving two to stay