Where the Blue Bells bloom

Mad Kings and warrior poets,

these bards at arms

Beneath woodland veil they creep,

stalking these darkened slopes

Black eyes watch silent over waters below

Move with the timeless flow of glacial memory

Their children roam the high meadows,

the innocence already gone from their eyes

Following phantom wisps in the moonlight,

down to the old jumping bridge

where many a hope has drowned

Beneath the sick green paint peeling,

the rough and rusted hide revealed

upon iron beams span bank to bank

Like the strong, broad back of a young nation

when those fires were forged

Many sorrows ride upon these currents,

borne to a distant sea

Now but tears in a distant ocean

We watch the clouds to know

our lamentations have been heard

For snows will ever abate

Bring the rush of pent up waters

She breaks her banks in mercy

Wash away the dead and waste

Here where the Blue Bells bloom