2 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH: Michigan governor says she “censors” herself

  1. Over here, the news flash – from the Grauniad, no less – is “Michigan governor’s husband under fire for asking to take his boat out during lockdown.” https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/may/26/gretchen-whitmer-husband-marc-mallory-boat-lockdown

    And yes, since “putting the boat out” can be construed as offering sexual contact, “taking the boat out” is, presumably, the opposite. So you’re right, the bitch can now only fuck herself. Or try to find another dog.


  2. Did you know that this harridan is on Sleepy Joe Biden’s short list for VP candidates? This is a campaign so inept they probably will pick her. The only thing she has accomplished is to insure that Trump carries Michigan again, and this time by a much more convincing margin


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