The Wreck of the Garbage Skow Whitmer

With my apologies in advance to the great poet and songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. Even though he is a Canadian. Imagine, if you will, to the tune of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald….


The legend lives on from the Shiawassee on down

of the great bitch they call Gretchen Whitmer

That bitch, it is said, never loses her head

with November defeat surely looming

She’s a load of horse shit piled up past her tits

still somehow that head remains empty

But a miserable cunt never gives up the hunt

when she smells a reckoning come early


She was the pride of the democrat side

like some beast that comes from Ann Arbor

As big liars go she was bigger than most

her lobbyists were all well rewarded



to be continued (come on! It’s a long ballad! No worries. Plenty of material to work with)