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A Doom and Reprisal editorial from Ale 81 Inn field correspondent, Ford Wenty


The masks do not protect me. They do not protect you. It is sound science that the degree of protection afforded from a universal mask mandate is negligible, if any at all. The masks are a cover and only a cover. Not for health reasons. Every mask is a piece of a grand tapestry of political cover for a chicken shit excuse of a governor.  People in positions of authority at this level, regardless of political affiliation, have three simple maxims to guide their enlightened policies:  1) always find someone/something else to blame; 2) whenever possible kick the can down the road; and 3) never let a good crisis go to waste.

This is not leadership; it is cowardice. Mike Dewine is nothing more than a kinder, gentler version of Gretchen Whitmer. He may think he is doing the right thing. People who travel within such a limited circle always think they are doing the right thing because of their penchant for surrounding themselves with people who will always tell them what they want to hear. Either that or they are of such weak mind as to be easily manipulated by others. In Dewine’s case I would suggest that it may be equal parts of both.

In 2018 I wrote a piece (Adderall and Starbucks, condemning both candidates for Ohio governor, suggesting that Ohioans were better served to just sit this one out.  To those of you who scoffed I ask: what say you now? Now I can assure you that under a Jim Cordray administration all of this nonsense that we have endured for the past four months would have been FAR worse, but this in no way whatsoever excuses the shit show that Mike Dewine clearly owns. Dewine is spawned from the same primordial goo that has given the state of Ohio such illustrious paragons of conservative principle as Bob Taft, George Voinovich and John Kasich. All of these are former republican governors who have mouthed all of the right platitudes for their traditional constituency, while instead governing as democrat-lite. The political establishment of both major parties in Ohio, just as it is nationwide, has been utterly corrupted by the interests of anyone but the citizens of the state.

Mike Dewine has suckled at the teats of the public trough for his entire career. This is a man who has never seen an expansion of state power that didn’t stir his loins. This is a man who in his career has ever been the vanguard for the expansion of police powers and the militarization of police forces. This is a man, who as governor took an oath to defend the rights and interests of ALL of his state’s citizens, but who is completely out of touch with that constituency. The only touch this man is familiar with is that of the monied interests and donors who have their hands stuffed up his sock puppet ass to animate the mouth that lies to us all in front of television cameras. You can see it in his eyes, if you can decide which eye to focus on. Personally I can’t stand looking at him long enough to decide. The only possible remedy that Mike Dewine may offer to any health matter would be if you have swallowed something from a bottle with a warning label stating “in the event of ingestion induce vomiting and seek a physician”. Dewine’s image is almost certain to induce vomiting.

Let’s circle back and consider the public official’s three step creed in his case.

Mike Dewine has suggested to us that “local health departments believe the virus is spreading due to bars, churches, out of state travelers, and large casual gatherings.”

Blame someone else. Never mind the fact that he and the rest of his cult of mediocrity sat with their collective thumbs up their asses while mobs assumed control over the streets of downtown Columbus, vandalized the Ohio Theater and other landmarks, including state properties. I guess since they were wearing masks all that was okay?

Here is the truth. It is a virus. It is going to do what viruses do: run it’s course. And there is sweet fuck all that the governor or anyone else is going to do to stop it. Period. I don’t care what these so called experts tell you. Whether out of ignorance or by design makes no difference: they are lying to us. It is only a question of degree.

How about that whole “kicking the can down the road”? Well, consider this. The issue of a universal mandate by edict, supported by the “executive authority” of the state, may on it’s face appear to be a projection of that authority in the greater interest of protecting public health. It is, in fact, a tacit admission that the state is virtually powerless to effect any influence over this virus’ public impact at all.  In order for the mandate to achieve it’s stated purpose the state must have a means by which it can enforce compliance. That is never going to happen because of simple math: they simply don’t have enough cops. I would like to HOPE that we still have enough officers who would refuse to enforce unconstitutional orders, but that’s another column.

So as a form of kicking the can the governor has conveniently shanghaied our entrepreneurs and merchant class as unwitting enforcers of the mandate. Either enforce our rules or we, the state, will shut you down. Small, privately held business owners have by now (at least among those who still have a breath of life) reached the state where they are able to openly question exactly what this really means. Does taking away someone’s driver’s license include the removal of the mental and physical skills required to drive a car? Of course it doesn’t. The state revoking your “license” to operate a business likewise does not possess these godlike capabilities. “Oh, but they’ll levy fines!”, one might say. Yes, no doubt they will. So don’t pay them. If it comes to it, take it to court. They will lose. The small business owner has already been backed into a corner where there is nothing more to lose.

Look around your own community, the places where you buy gas, groceries, morning coffee. Now ask yourself this: which places have the signs posted, but say nothing if you don’t wear a mask, and which places DEMAND strict adherence?  You’ll find that big companies with a multi state presence, large corporate chains, are the commissars. In some instances these are companies who also have been very eager to place themselves in the front row of corporate virtue signalling before the altar of BLM, or whichever mob is in vogue this week. I do not expect that the corporate automatons are going to change their behavior any time soon, but SMALL business still constitutes the majority of businesses in this country. We as individuals may not have as much impact, but the small business in this country CAN make a difference. It’s time for you to draw a line in the sand and stop being pimped as the mask police. Give your market a choice: there are enough of us who have your back. The governor; nay any man, does not rule the air we breath.

And then there is the third and most sacred of any statist’s unholy trinity: never let a crisis go to waste. In old bug eye’s case it’s all about theater and posturing. Remember, he’s been at this whole “public servant” thing nearly all of his adult life. In a forty or fifty year political career in almost any state the odds are that there will only be eight years out of that career that one may have a shot at the governor gig. Twelve years at the most. As a career politician one is acutely aware that the chances of that once in a generation event occurring on their watch are not great. Probably less than twenty percent. Thus are they ever watchful to seize the opportunity.

He is playing a numbers game, but in the end none of the real numbers are going to matter.  No matter what the end result Dewine will pat himself on the back and declare, “See? If I hadn’t taken all of these bold and sweeping measures against this plague, why Ohio’s numbers would be much worse. We saved so many lives!”  Well governor, we saved a lot of American GIs by dropping atomic bombs on Japan. There are few who dispute this, yet there is NO possible way to quantify lives saved. Any figure can be an estimate, an educated guess, and nothing more. Just like your lives saved. Was it necessary for you to nuke countless livelihoods and businesses? Will they be your Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and how will the historians judge you? Or republican voters?

This is Dewine’s big moment; the career defining event. Just like it has been for one Dr. Anthony Fauci. These men are not so dissimilar. They are both career state apparatchiks, albeit of differing stripes; yet neither of whom have the legitimate authority to take decisions on my behalf. Or yours. Or anyone else’s. CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, remember?

It is time to revoke your consent. If you do not you are permitting the establishment of  health departments as the de facto Gestapo for whatever whims state or local authorities “declare”, whether they have that authority or not. I assure you that if one of these goons decides that household pets are carriers of this virus or any other, they will pay an eminently qualified veterinarian (of their choosing) to lend credence to the claim. Then the animal control officers will be likewise deputized, perhaps even armed in some cases, to come to your home and remove your pets, take them to the pound and euthanize them. All in the name of the public health. You think that’s crazy? Look around you friend. Don’t doubt me.

Governor Dewine’s edicts are not just bad science. They are bad faith.


Ford Wenty report end, 20 July 2020



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