One thought on “I do not care for the new block editor

  1. I assume you mean the WordPress block editor. But I do not care for Windows 10 either, or for the updates it “gives” me without my leave. Nor for the third party updates it has now started to “provide.”

    A few weeks ago, Microsoft Outlook ceased to work. It was 2 days before I could access my e-mail again. Then an “accessibility” patch stopped Adobe Acrobat from displaying my PDFs according to my settings.

    Then yesterday, my mouse pointer went wild. Sometimes it was rooted to the Start button, other times chasing all over the screen. At the same time, Adobe Acrobat refused to print pages at the default setting of 1 sheet per page. I’ve been in software for very nearly 50 years, so I was able, gradually, to ameliorate matters. This morning, Adobe Acrobat had a completely changed print screen, which – though it did once again allow printing as is – also excluded several options I use regularly; notably “Even pages only” and short cut keys for page numbers to print, and the Print button itself. And it wasn’t until about three hours ago that my mouse pointer started to behave reasonably again.

    I wonder if Mr Wenty might like to investigate these things? Maybe they’re caused by a transcription error when someone called “Gill Bates” died?


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