Treasures of a garage refrigerator

Piesporter Michelsberg with torn label
indeterminate vintage
Abandoned on garage refrigerator door
like the titles of songs learned
twenty years late
A gift well meaning
for palates dry
still past it's prime
A potency only realized
when removed from the landscape
Just scenery now
Just leave it, I said
Criminal to dispose of it now

4 thoughts on “Treasures of a garage refrigerator

  1. This liquor store is worth a fable;
    Many times they sent people under the table;
    As if their booze wasn’t enough;
    They also provided other good stuff.

    A White man who was White as clam chowder;
    also dealt in a certain White powder;
    High as fuck and generous to a fault;
    He proceeded to unlock the vast liquor vault.

    Little did he know, that when fools are too generous;
    People are often being their most venomous;
    This was proven without a doubt;
    As we cleaned his dumb-ass completely out.

    The moral of the story should be clear;
    Don’t trust anyone you don’t hold dear;
    If you’re nothing but a social whore;
    Don’t work at a liquor store.


  2. There are certain poisons I still enjoy consuming on a regular basis, alcohol being few among these. As long as they make Jamesons and Guinness I will most likely continue to buy them. At least until they are replicated in my own lab šŸ˜ Thus far my own efforts have yielded products more akin to lighter fluid and asphalt.

    Piesporter Michelsberg recalls the experience of cleaning up a place after someone’s demise. In my infrequent visits to a place I had long noted the presence of this bottle on one of the door shelves in the garage refrigerator. It was the same bottle there for the better part of 20 years. After their passing among the various other things needing to be cleaned out was that garage refrigerator. This bottle was but one small piece of what I had come to know as the constancy of this place. It was thus that I determined that it was to remain there just as it had for all of those years. It’s no longer suitable for consumption; like the owner it has gone to vinegar now


  3. Yeah, bottles of booze, especially the empty ones, certainly have many tales to tell if they could. The “shortage” of Guinness Extra Stout and Marlboro Reds in my area are definite signs of anti-White racism, but nothing new under the gag-spew-sun called SoCal; imagine what would happen if the world was suddenly deprived of Newports, Kools, Olde English 800, E&J brandy (aka Erk & Jerk) and Hennnnessssy! There may as well be a supernova-gamma-ray-burst-asteroid-strike, lol.

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