Doom and Reprisal update 11/20/2020

So you think Rudy and Sidney Powell are bluffing? Are you sure? Why are all of the media jackals closing ranks, circling the wagons?

Two points to that last question: 1) Rudy and Sidney must be nearing the target, and 2) they are circling the wagons because they know that they are COMPLICIT

Yes, there is proof. Volumes of it.

Did you see that temper tantrum the white house press corps threw yesterday when VP Pence walked away from the podium? A lot of flap about that incident today. This is mild compared to the total meltdown that is coming.

Does anyone honestly believe that it is only coincidence that Sidney Powell is also the attorney of record for one Michael Flynn? Michael Flynn knows a lot of things and has known them for quite a while. Otherwise why would SO MUCH of the deep state go to such great lengths to silence and remove him? He’s just one man, after all. Whatever it is he knows you can rest assured that the President ALSO knows. And Sidney Powell.

For those of you who believe and support this fraud; you are running out of places to hide. Your cover is as wide as an ocean, but it is as shallow as a tea saucer.

Stay tuned.

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