21st Century Quisling Man

Above you see the face of the 21st century Quisling. Do you think he’ll be retaining legal counsel today? Or maybe he already took care of that yesterday. I wonder who is going to foot the bill? Georgia taxpayers? He probably believes that they should and I wouldn’t put it past him to try. Right now he should be the most nervous person in the state of Georgia and we will all soon see if he has taken out any additional “insurance”.

As a nation we have been beset by the machinations of idealogues. Idealogues are by their nature dangerous people. This ass hat is neither an idealogue, nor is he dangerous. He is not dangerous to us, but he is now a danger to his sponsors. In fact they should be really nervous about now, if they weren’t already. This is because our Quisling is likely the first guy to roll when heat is applied. Look at him! Would you enter a conspiracy with this putz? That is a face as good as a billboard screaming “Will snitch for immunity”. Either that or he pulls a Jeffrey Epstein. I won’t be at all surprised by either outcome. In fact I am predicting it. Now, right here, today.

I guess we will have to go through some kind of legal process, though I hardly think he is deserving of this courtesy. Actively conspiring to thwart the will of the electorate in a Republic is not tantamount to treason. It IS treason; thus, these people are not criminals. They have declared war on the Republic; thus, they are to be treated as enemy combatants. It is upon these grounds that I submit that Asshat Quisling, former Secretary of State for the state of Georgia, be sentenced to assifixion. This is an ingenious and wholly suitable sentence for a human stain.

Let me explain the assifixion. The subject is stripped of all clothing and forced to their hands and knees on an asphalt (preferably hot) surface. The subjects hands and feet are then nailed to the asphalt surface with ten inch spikes driven through their flesh and solidly anchored into the pavement. With their ass up in the air and head inclined toward the ground a nine foot long pike is inserted into their anus and driven through their body until the point exits their mouth and touches the ground. A banner printed with the word TRAITOR is then hung upon that part of the pike still sticking out from their ass and their body is left there to rot.

That is the ONLY fitting end for a Quisling. Will it happen? Maybe not, but you can bet one thing. This clown will sing like a lark. It may not happen today or next week. It could even be some months, but rest assured, it will happen. There was Benedict Arnold. Then there was Vidkun Quisling. Both names have become synonymous with treachery. I won’t sully this page with the name of our modern day Judas, but it is a name that will supplant Arnold and Quisling as a word signifying treason.