A message for Eric Coomer

Mr. Coomer:

What are you afraid of? Why are you hiding? A lot of really terrible things are being alleged about your company. Why wouldn’t you want to come forward and vigorously refute these charges? Well, we both know the answer to this and it is because you can not refute any of it. You are a fraud, your company is a fraud and your sponsors are frauds. We both know it and millions of Americans know it too.

We found Saddam. We found Bin Laden. We busted Jeffrey Epstein and we found his enabler, Ghislaine Maxwell, too. You can run and you can hide. You might succeed in this for some time, but rest assured WE WILL FIND YOUR SORRY ASS TOO. You better pray the law finds you. If the law finds you then you will get a trial. If others find you? You may not be so lucky.

Maybe you’ll take the coward’s way out at the end of a rope. Either way, you deserve to hang. With or without a trial. We know who you are. We know what you have done. Hot or cold, justice will be served.