Deaf and Dumb

Nature has bestowed us with two ears by which we may listen; yet only one mouth by which we may speak. The world is filled with voices from mouths connected to ears that neither hear nor listen. Thus, if we are to be human, it is necessary that our ears may at times be shielded from the din; that we may listen to ourselves. A man who is deaf and dumb still has two ears and one mouth. A man who is deaf and dumb still has his own inner voice; he can hear no other, nor can he speak his mind. His voice remains his own. Those who may hear and speak are hardly deprived of the same privilege. Any, who are gifted of hearing and speech, that would deprive another of their tongue cease to be human. They have squandered the gift of their own ears, while they fill the ears of others with the vile poison of their tongues.

One thought on “Deaf and Dumb

  1. There are three main types of people in the world: Those who are ignorant but determined to become enlightened, those who are ignorant and determined to stay that way, and then there’s the rabble who are living, breathing insults to ignorance…and foaming at the mouth to stay that way.

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