On eschewing the holidays

In a new age

recalibrated for inertia

Calendars remain the same

guideposts to navigate the bubble

Set to fixed points in the heavens

Rituals formed in comfort zones

and rote recitations

Bourgeois trappings linger

Holiday themed tissue box covers

now merely landscape

like smoke stained wallpaper

to be stripped from this surface

after you’re gone

No surrender without acknowledgement

simply walk away and wander

Abandoned the futile quest

to recapture the magic of childhood

not found but once in a lifetime

Unable to recreate

more comfort is found

in an ordinary day

4 thoughts on “On eschewing the holidays

  1. Happy holidays! One by one the usual rituals are being left by the wayside, overcome by Black Friday and many other principle-defeating commercial enterprises that are enthusiastically embraced by unprincipled people who are trying to destroy the nation for being…unprincipled. Move over, Dark Ages, welcome to the black ages.

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  2. Ah, Mr. Bass…..trust you are well ğŸ˜Ž This was inspired by a discussion with Celeste, who recently asked me the pointed question: why are men so down on the holidays? I told her that I suspected this was more a matter of age and experience and less about the person’s sex. Speaking for myself, it is this. My fondest memory of the holidays hearkens back to 1971. I honestly have no recollection of any of the gifts I may have opened that year, but I can remember almost everything about that year. It was the experience, the colors, the smells, the food, and the company. No pile of presents, nor ornaments, nor strings of light can ever recreate this. This was the year that I understood that Santa was not real. Even with that harsh revelation I was still able to accept it and enjoy what the holiday had to offer. It doesn’t come in a box and it never will. Call me jaded if you must and I will own it. I’d rather be jaded than false. I’ll get around to the Vampire’s roost soon.


  3. Yeah, I figured as much. I don’t care about them anymore and haven’t for some time now. I grew up poor as fuck so xmas usually sucked. At least you have some fond memories. Yes, nobody could ever properly accuse you of being inauthentic for sure. No more blogging for me, at least for now. I quit Vampire for several reasons, so I’ll just be yet another member of the peanut gallery. Take care, you, and give my kindest regards to the missus, whom I think I dogged on WB several times, lol.


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