Where’s the money?

Looks a little like Roger Ebert before the whole gland thing kicked in, doesn’t he? Almost as charming too. This single-ply square of ass wipe goes by the name Gabriel Sterling. If you have not had the misfortune of actually listening to the human waste that spews from his parasitic turd holster, chances are you have at least heard or seen some reference to him as it relates to the election in Georgia. This little shit stain doesn’t think he is a clever dick: he thinks he is the clever dick. He’s not clever, but at least he is half right.

He’s best buds with Brad “the Rat” Raffensperger. They both simply adore Chinese, meeting on Thursday’s at an obscure Norcross takeout, Fook mi fook Yu. They shovel copious amounts of fried wontons and egg rolls into their mouths, dipping them into a vat of cream of sum yung gai. Here there are no pretenses, no disguises and no napkins. The masks are removed to reveal the full gluttonous, reptilian maws that lie beneath as they slop that cream all over, occasionally daubing their chins with shirt sleeves. It’s nasty stuff, that cream. It sticks to everything then dries to resemble the crusty stains found upon seedy motel sheets.

There is no currency exchange during these visits, no price for admission. The buffet is always open for these two because their bill has been paid. Big Pimp Daddy B in the Governor’s mansion opened up this Georgia brothel, but had to play legit in his new digs. Every good pimp knows that if you want your hos to work harder and smarter you have to keep them hungry. All Daddy B had to do was keep that spigot open on that sum yung gai pipeline and his top hos, Siskel and Ebert, would take it from there. The only other thing he needed to do was to be ready with the bail money in case they got popped. He’s got their bail, but I don’t think it’s going to help any of them.

These fools weren’t content to whore themselves out. They don’t have enough ass to feed their level of gluttony, but a good whore always knows what the Johns like. Or in this case the Wongs. They had 10.7 million of their fellow citizens to trick out to their Chinese patrons. And they were happy to do it. As long as that sum yung gai kept coming they would do anything. They used to gargle the stuff. Now they are bathing in it.

Where’s the money Brad? Gabe?

We know where it is. The way you are both behaving right now tells me that you know this. Keep obfuscating. Keep denying. The overpriced glamor whores in the media will keep covering for you, because hos gotta stick together, right? Whether it’s some high priced Manhattan call girl, or some common Atlanta street whore giving tuggers at ten dollars a nut like you, a whore is a whore.

The rest of the world is going to learn where the money went and very soon. And where it came from. After this week I don’t think either of you are going to be talking much at all, unless it is through your lawyers. Do you get lawyers at military tribunals? Hmm…..I’m not sure how that works. You fellas might want to brush up on that.


Stay tuned.