Wait… what? Vol. 71

When wolves discover the flesh of sheep fattened by human hands they will abandon their pursuit of wild game. The wolves themselves become fattened and increase in their numbers until the delivery of fresh sheep becomes an expectation. Woe betide the shepherd when the sheep run out.

2 thoughts on “Wait… what? Vol. 71

  1. When his consuls reported a very bountiful year as far as tax collection went, the Roman emperor Vespasian supposedly said something like “I want my sheep shorn, not shaved!” Considering that they are hell-bent on killing the golden geese, they might as well kill the sheep too, huh? Happy New Year! I had a lot of Jameson’s and some other potent Irish potables and gave you a silent toast, lol.


    • Happy New Year to you Guenther! Good to hear from you. I’ll be in greater communication in a couple of weeks. I have tried to keep pace with this year, but it has remained fast moving. So though the year has been rich with so much material, aside from some shorter D&R releases I have been largely mute on much that has transpired. That doesn’t mean I’ve not been working at it. There remains a process of some assembly, but expect (probably early Feb.) a full feature length piece a la When Axolotls Frolic. Not sure which franchise….there is a Hell’s Chronicles in there somewhere.
      I have no doubt that you will, but I am nonetheless obliged to say: make sure the cabinet is stocked, your pipe loaded and your powder dry. It’s going to be a very interesting week. For good or ill


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