Greetings Comrade Leader

Now is the time to heal. Our Dear Comrade Leader is a healing figure. We must trust Him. We of the glorious People’s Administrative State of DC are calling on all LOYAL subjects to come and drink freely from His font of truth and freedom. Come and join in our journey to a glorious new and woke People’s Republic.

In this time of healing and unity Dear Comrade Leader calls upon us to show compassion and mercy to those whose eyes have yet been opened to the truth of Woke. All true acts of charity are anonymous. When you report them no one need ever know that this was your act of charity. And if they return from the re-education camps you can tell them then, if you wish. They will be thankful.

Now that we have all had twenty-four hours to get acquainted, let’s get down to business, shall we? Dear Comrade Leader gently suggests that you all lay upon your sides. He would prefer that it should be your left side, but whichever is comfortable for you. Whether right or left, laying upon your side will most relax the rectum. We shall then proceed with what we call “gaping therapy”, whereby the anus will be progressively stretched by a series of graduated butt plugs. This is a process which typically requires 14 to 30 days; in some rare instances longer.

In the event that Dear Comrade Leader should sniff your hair please do not grow alarmed. This only means that your are among His most beloved. Blessed are those who are sniffed by Dear Comrade Leader or any of the Revered and most Holy Bi Deng clan.

As you are nearing the end of this process, comrade, you will be visited by the local DHS Kommissar. After your anus has been thoroughly inspected the Kommissar will either issue a certificate for full insertion, or recommend further gaping therapy. We realize that this will be uncomfortable for most of you. Perhaps even painful for some. We don’t care. You do not get to take it up the ass with the dick that you choose. You take it up the ass with the dick you are given. By April you will all be amazed how much you can take up your ass. Even without lube.