Lemmings: three different ones

Lemmings one

You imagine
that your cattle are still sacred
When nothing is sacred
You've seen to that
Fashionable fetishists on parade
for ersatz adoration
for provoking scorn
Veils and garters empty
suggest nothing
Lips are moving, speaking in tongues
They recite volumes
and make not a sound
In silence
one word of truth is thunder

Lemmings two

Hope forsaken
your heroes tagged out
The angst still your anthem
in every square yard of ink
The warm fuzzy of momentary relevance
a well gone dry
So you gather to causes and justice campaigns
Your public atonement
for sins not yet committed
Your conformist rebellion
another blind hole to exploit
Anti-hero messiahs always disappoint
Angels and demons fervently denied
See through yourself as others
the Devil in your reflection

Lemmings three

Vile and pernicious, that slime from the video
Critical mass in a time lapse
turned to gas inflating bladders
Seams splitting and the filth ensues
The tidal sewage rising
infecting every pore
A frog parade in a microwave
a coming attraction near you
Watch the fools rush
where angels fear tread
Too late to know
they'd be better off dead
All the gales of nothing
won't extinguish the flame
We'll all have a good laugh
as it burns to the ground