On southwest exposures the icicles weep
Crystal  walls to form this winter keep
of snowy caverns for those who sleep

For days that Sol should grace the skies
Cast dancing prisms before their eyes
The light captured in these pillars gleam
and pass unnoticed by those who dream

Within their burrows the hearths still burn
Neither day nor night do they discern
as they await the fertile earth's return

Aching for the comfort of her womb
with fruits of her harvest they entomb
Evade the touch of that frigid breath
and there remain, even unto death

For nights within night the shadow will fall
When earth and sky, in darkness all
Hear the restless breath of snowy squall

Behind glacial windows the flames shine bright
like flickering eyes in the night
The crystal walls of this winter keep
hold their watch in darkness deep
for all of those who choose to sleep

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