Quarantine: by the numbers

The rain, it pelts relentless

driving angry sheets upon the window

I have 150 watt drapes to dull the sound

and 90 proof elixir

Self embalming, should the worst occur

3 grams per day should last

for 30 days

After that, over the wall


Wait… what? Vol. 56

This is for all of you dishonest, fear mongering hacks who dare to call yourselves journalists:

In the two-hundred plus years of our nation’s history there have countless numbers of men, far better than you, who have died face down in blood and filth to preserve your first amendment rights.  It would be a great measure of respect for these souls if you were to begin honoring that sacrifice with honest and responsible journalism. It’s not too late. You could start today. I’m not holding my breath.



Searing light of a supermoon

fades into Tuesday afternoon

Cuts you off at the knees

Watch you dying by degrees

The clouds will part with the rain

Prepares you for that Wednesday pain

of waking yet another day

when no one listens anyway




At Cajamarca, upon high Incan plain

came Pizarro from his Lord in Spain

His advantage came with surprise

even more from deceitful lies

of a mighty King, divine and just

and salvation for Atahuallpa’s trust

The Incas numbered eighty-thousand strong

Still the Spaniards did not take long

In numbers fewer than ten score

they charged ahead and into war

Atahuallpa’s capture for a ransom hold

Spill their blood and steal their gold

By horse and by sword

With strange god and written word

These strangers came to erase

any memory of their race

Take as they want, no need to ask

then leave their germs to complete the task

Anonymous returns

rooftops covered white with snow

innocent in brilliant blue light

the steam exhaust of the wool coat parade

they scurry from door to door

this place in time

remains the same

as seasons pass in endless succession

strange shadows now haunt

once familiar door frames

retracing footsteps

i remain unseen