Wait… what? Vol. 71

When wolves discover the flesh of sheep fattened by human hands they will abandon their pursuit of wild game. The wolves themselves become fattened and increase in their numbers until the delivery of fresh sheep becomes an expectation. Woe betide the shepherd when the sheep run out.

Doom and Reprisal update 1/7/2021

I warned you, didn’t I? The national enema is still underway. What you witnessed yesterday was just that sudden burst of leakage that occurs when the tip is first removed. Now we may stand aside and look on aghast at the stream of toxic waste flowing from the bowels of Washington DC.

Did you like the opening act? Also, I must remind you all again, always pose the Golden Question: qui bene? Act two will be coming to a state capitol near you soon! We’re going to learn with no remaining ambiguity which officers are about the law (i.e. the Constitution), and which ones are pigs.

Of course you may never hear about it. Get ready for the blackout.