Where is the FBI ?

A Doom and Reprisal report from Ale 81 Inn field correspondent Ford Wenty

There are one hell of a lot of people asking this question. Many of those ask this question with the erroneous understanding that the FBI is about law enforcement. If these people had any understanding whatsoever of what the bureau and it’s purpose truly is, then they would have no need of asking the question. It is only due to the long running PR campaign conducted through television dramas, movies and state shill media hacks that their tin star still holds any lustre at all. Their badge of authority might just as well be a black arm band with the bright red Soviet star because the bureau’s function is essentially the same as that of the once dreaded Soviet state political police, the NKVD. Once one understands this the answer to the question is obvious.

The FBI is right where it has been for decades, hiding in plain sight with the veneer of their manufactured legitimacy shining just as bright as the lights that reflect off all their black sunglasses. Behind those dark shades and tight lipped, stony faces there resides the smug and snarky smirk of the fourth grade bully who somehow comes into possession of the coveted hall monitor’s belt. This is a quality that infests the leadership and the culture of the bureau. This is what creates a Peter Strzok or an Andrew McCabe. This is what elevates James Comey to the director’s chair. This is what enables these men to look directly into the camera; or to swear affidavits before a FISA court; or provide sworn testimony before congressional oversight committees, and every one of them lie through their teeth without batting an eye. It’s like that moment in fourth grade when you found yourself confronted by that bully/hall monitor for a day: you and the bully both know that he’s got no business wearing that belt, but the bully can still say “Yeah, but I’m the one wearing the belt asshole”. Unlike the hall monitor’s post, these slugs at the FBI get to stay as long as they like. Or until the bureau decides to throw them under the bus to protect what is first and foremost in all of their minds. That, of course, is the bureau itself.

Remember the Lois Lerner hearings? How about John Koskinen’s testimony regarding the agency’s computer hard drives? What was that story again? They were destroyed according to some internal policy? So no records preserved? No audit trail (ironic given the IRS fondness for audits)? Do you honestly believe any of that? Paul Ryan said it at the time: “Sir, I don’t believe you”. That is a term which, translated from RINO speak, means “You’re a fucking liar”. I’m betting the FBI has those computers.

Remember as the sham Clinton e-mail investigation was winding down? All those missing e-mails? And the server that was “wiped”? Oh yeah, there was also the interview with Cheryl Mills where she was supposedly Hillary’s counsel? Her laptop was supposedly destroyed, for some bullshit excuse I can’t recall now. And the phones. They smashed those with a hammer, or so goes the approved narrative. We know they have Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin’s computer. I’m betting they have the server and it hasn’t been wiped. Or at least they have a backup of the original. Likewise for the Mills computer and all of the other devices too.

All of these things are evidence of federal crimes. They would be, at least, if they were presented in the prosecution of these crimes. Instead they reside with the FBI whose purpose, it becomes clearer with each passing day, is not the pursuit of justice. Their purpose is the exercise of leverage. Yeah, but I’m wearing the belt asshole.

Seth Rich was just a random street crime and the FBI had neither interest nor jurisdiction in that case. That was the official word for four years. If I may be so bold as to quote our Pretender-Elect-in-Chief, “Well sonofabitch!” It turns out that this was a complete and utter falsehood. Now we know, because they have admitted it, that the FBI has had Seth Rich’s laptop all along. And a search of FBI databases reveals 20,000+ hits on reference to Seth Rich. That is rather an oddity for a case in which there was no interest or jurisdiction.

We also know now, again by the bureau’s own admission, that they have been in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop for a year. We now know that Christopher Wray’s FBI was in possession of the Biden laptop at the time of the sham impeachment hearings. What do you suppose are the odds that Chris Wray knew nothing about it? Given the gravity of the situation it was incumbent upon the director to make this evidence known, if not publicly then at the very least to the members of the house committees. The bureau’s silence in this matter is more than deafening. It suggests complicity. Given these confirmations from no less than the FBI itself on the Rich and Biden laptops, it is no great leap of faith to conclude that the earlier incriminating computers referenced here are also still firmly in the possession of the bureau. With the scarcity of prosecutions taking shape in light of all this evidence one can only wonder to what purpose.

Prosecutions only interest the FBI where selectively applied. Just ask Bob Mueller about that. I would ask that you ask the same of no less of a criminal than Whitey Bolger. I would, but for the fact that, conveniently for Agent Mueller, Mr. Bolger has expired. Or you might ask Michael Flynn. And St. James the Pious, Saint Andrew the Duplicitous, and Saint Peter the Petulant: that unholy trinity of the Sacred Church of State Secrets. Any collection of any evidence is for the purpose of covering up crimes, then in turn leveraging the weight of this evidence against the perpetrators. The current day prelate of this church, Saint Christopher the Castrati, is carrying on in this fine tradition. The actions, or more importantly the lack of action, by the FBI are predicated by two simple factors: 1) self (institutional) preservation, and 2) the wants of the highest bidder. Some bidders are smart enough to incorporate the former into the latter.

At present we do not have concrete proof for this thesis. I fully expect there to be more in time. Until that time I welcome any who may present a credible case to refute these assertions. None of this will change until more American citizens begin to ask the right question: not where is the FBI. We should instead ask what is the FBI. One thing is for certain: the motto “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity” is as flaccid as the bureau’s limp dicked leadership.

Where’s the money?

Looks a little like Roger Ebert before the whole gland thing kicked in, doesn’t he? Almost as charming too. This single-ply square of ass wipe goes by the name Gabriel Sterling. If you have not had the misfortune of actually listening to the human waste that spews from his parasitic turd holster, chances are you have at least heard or seen some reference to him as it relates to the election in Georgia. This little shit stain doesn’t think he is a clever dick: he thinks he is the clever dick. He’s not clever, but at least he is half right.

He’s best buds with Brad “the Rat” Raffensperger. They both simply adore Chinese, meeting on Thursday’s at an obscure Norcross takeout, Fook mi fook Yu. They shovel copious amounts of fried wontons and egg rolls into their mouths, dipping them into a vat of cream of sum yung gai. Here there are no pretenses, no disguises and no napkins. The masks are removed to reveal the full gluttonous, reptilian maws that lie beneath as they slop that cream all over, occasionally daubing their chins with shirt sleeves. It’s nasty stuff, that cream. It sticks to everything then dries to resemble the crusty stains found upon seedy motel sheets.

There is no currency exchange during these visits, no price for admission. The buffet is always open for these two because their bill has been paid. Big Pimp Daddy B in the Governor’s mansion opened up this Georgia brothel, but had to play legit in his new digs. Every good pimp knows that if you want your hos to work harder and smarter you have to keep them hungry. All Daddy B had to do was keep that spigot open on that sum yung gai pipeline and his top hos, Siskel and Ebert, would take it from there. The only other thing he needed to do was to be ready with the bail money in case they got popped. He’s got their bail, but I don’t think it’s going to help any of them.

These fools weren’t content to whore themselves out. They don’t have enough ass to feed their level of gluttony, but a good whore always knows what the Johns like. Or in this case the Wongs. They had 10.7 million of their fellow citizens to trick out to their Chinese patrons. And they were happy to do it. As long as that sum yung gai kept coming they would do anything. They used to gargle the stuff. Now they are bathing in it.

Where’s the money Brad? Gabe?

We know where it is. The way you are both behaving right now tells me that you know this. Keep obfuscating. Keep denying. The overpriced glamor whores in the media will keep covering for you, because hos gotta stick together, right? Whether it’s some high priced Manhattan call girl, or some common Atlanta street whore giving tuggers at ten dollars a nut like you, a whore is a whore.

The rest of the world is going to learn where the money went and very soon. And where it came from. After this week I don’t think either of you are going to be talking much at all, unless it is through your lawyers. Do you get lawyers at military tribunals? Hmm…..I’m not sure how that works. You fellas might want to brush up on that.


Stay tuned.

A message for Eric Coomer

Mr. Coomer:

What are you afraid of? Why are you hiding? A lot of really terrible things are being alleged about your company. Why wouldn’t you want to come forward and vigorously refute these charges? Well, we both know the answer to this and it is because you can not refute any of it. You are a fraud, your company is a fraud and your sponsors are frauds. We both know it and millions of Americans know it too.

We found Saddam. We found Bin Laden. We busted Jeffrey Epstein and we found his enabler, Ghislaine Maxwell, too. You can run and you can hide. You might succeed in this for some time, but rest assured WE WILL FIND YOUR SORRY ASS TOO. You better pray the law finds you. If the law finds you then you will get a trial. If others find you? You may not be so lucky.

Maybe you’ll take the coward’s way out at the end of a rope. Either way, you deserve to hang. With or without a trial. We know who you are. We know what you have done. Hot or cold, justice will be served.