The eternal dawn

First trace of pink

edges the line

illuminates the boundary

where dark earth meets dark sky

Midnight blue retreats

to that void, starless and Bible Black

while the low heavens glow

Cornflower sea

where billowing riders advance

Violet, malevolent

malevioletly back lit

Colors rise in waves

the great orange orb ascends

Rush of air

as earth breaths deep

First gasp of a new day

The advance have climbed

now soft lavender dragons

straining for the west

the eternal dawn at their tails



The age of penance

when every habit of posture

and vices

arrive to collect their due

When conscience dies

it’s slow death

Life experience has outstripped

so many things

assured were truths

Only leaves renegade conclusions


We howl in a distant wood

When the bridge is out

Left unpaid in acrimony

No sanction for false testimony

Upon swords of hubris do these titans impale


their next move and

What is the net effect of nothing

Vacuum, the quantum void

Fit the nooses

We’ll need the bullets to eat


The blade was dull steel colored

Sharp steel, fluid

One clean stroke

Royal blue and silver

crumpled in the street

On this mid-afternoon

where grey skies

grey pavement

Unseeing, black eyes stare

where they meet

Oily black curls descend

into the pool

mat upon the ground

like road kill

His glassy orbs reflect

dreams of a warm place

where assailants gather, contrite


Metal in your mouth

Itch all over

Exotic women speak in tongues

Foreign yet familiar

Though all eyes speak seduction

Hers shone through glass

clear, green, amber

And black

at the bottom of each

Each time curse the witch

yet still take her potions


Janus, indifferent, departs the stage

Leaving welts from the tips of his flail

Bright dots where their hides frost pink

Like blind nestlings in snow

Mud month now prevails

It’s progeny proceeds from purification

Upon the old sabbath now

Heavens spill the healing tonic

Water – Earth, sacred bonds

Reshape, make new earth

Frozen mud awaits

Vernal awakening

Solmonath haed grises