Zuckerstein’s Monster



Dr. Zuckerstein while at NBC

created in his lab what would be

an abomination without a soul

Only safe under his control

Some cheered while others yawned

at the creature he had spawned

But the scariest monster built in that lab

was Zuckerstein’s ego, why he thought he was fab!

He preened and he postured, he practiced his Zen

until he ascended the throne at CNN

Now this was more like it, this was his league

where he could play kingmaker and other intrigue

His plan was sheer brilliance, he deployed it with haste

He would loose his creation upon the debates

This stirred up a panic that he only stoked more

while giddily laughing at the ratings galore

He gave it more air time to set up loss and disgrace

to gather spoils from the winner of the race

How’d that work out Jeffrey?

Are you feeling the heat?

You’ve created a monster

that you can not defeat

Brexit, 1.5


Finalist in the doomsday competition

Also rans trail in the wake

Mere mortals dazed in spinning eddies

Diesel, oil and seafoam

All performed and recorded

for future generations entertainment

Grist for documentaries

Like rice and beans for the BBC

Starchy staples put meat on the bone

They find no cure for illusions

and despite their new masters

still perform the old rites

Rule your seas

We’ll piss in the ocean



What life is this

Bile and coffee grounds

morning’s bitter inheritance

The damned pub is closed

until 11:00 or later

And what day is it anyway

Life has grown time-lapsed

the heavens simply spin

upon an axis invisible

And what month is it anyway

Wars, and rumors thereof

Mounting crises all about

And what year is it anyway

Childhood’s vivid tapestry

Sorry, I’ve forgotten your name

And what life is this anyway


In the tinny mono

hearing new voices

when the channel drops

Now the incense is only

an orange dot in the dark

Their fevers rage

Their pulses race


Superimposed in place

Lightning through the pane

Unwitting they remain

Floating on (an)a log

Analog signals will fade from this place

They’ll only be left orphaned

Sealed envelopes floating in space

Momentos that become debris

Flotsam of cosmic world ender

No galactic post to mark

return to sender

While we endure advertisements

in this digital hell

In the void of space

no one cares what you sell

Down here beneath our clouded veil

the onslaught continues

our senses assail

If they’re out there they’re laughing

at fools so grand

Be sure they’ll clear us all off

long before they land

A curious species

Who is more honest

The soul who inspires

or the scold to chastise

And could they both be lying

There’s no knowing for sure

We can carry within us

envy and guile

yet still find sympathy

for other species admired

The greatest contempt

reserved for ourselves