Rise of the Cannibals

Watching the parchment burn

Mocking leers peek out from the embers

The lines preserved in ashen shells

though none can read their meaning

Their ill winds disperse the ruins

to the great desert beyond

Tending their fragile oases

with fear and shame


to the sandstorm approaching

Our dying breath

to laugh at your failures

Your children will eat you


Leaving the hive

Cameras and transistors

Analogue the more honest

translation of your abstracts

Not digitized perversions

Digits repurposed to other symbols

create nothing of their own

There came children

fruits from the temples of steel and glass

Seeking canyons with clear waters

To cleanse in pastoral baths

Some tactile edification

for the skeptical soul

Mocked by those who turn back

to the comfort of the hive

What has come will depart us

leaving only that which has ever been


Graduation Day

These days with dancing, in June

Hours timeless in succession

Moonlight swarms shimmer

in shadow beyond the burning pyre

Faces alight in flame

Their imposters fill the tree line

stalking the opposite shore

No thin white duke in linen,

your Kangaroo

Still bittersweet recollection

in your plaintive wail

The tale of woe

Love unrequited

still rises to west horizons blue



Fourteen score characters in your box

Any case made within cubic blocks

Except for those you don’t approve

Defining heresy as you remove

Content deemed offensive in it’s nature

Tweeting the incorrect nomenclature

The language of birds, and they fly free

You may fool the others, but you don’t fool me


My Ghosts of Darby

There was Eva first

the giggly girl with long, straight hair

and freckles

The impish grin erased

in a flash, across the hood of a car

on the last day of summer vacation

Eyes of china blue gone glassy

in the August sun

The driver never saw you

Still I wonder

Who would you have been?



Mousy Mindy, the quiet girl

Hair of gold and eyes of grey

dark circles under your eyes

because you couldn’t sleep

All the weight of shame, disgrace

with only that inner voice to counsel

You dropped your weight at the end of a rope

Your mother found your lifeless body

Still I wonder

Who would you have been?


And Jay

The prankster, the merrymaker

ever full of mirth

I still visit the place

where waters whisper your laughter

across the shoals, not fifty yards

from where you last parked

Still I wonder

Who would you have been?

Still I wonder

Who am I?