Passione Azzurra

Celestial Wild

I am Celestial Wilde…

I am sensuous and strong, a powerful combination of woman. Always have been, always will be. I promote the strength of the female, but I am not a feminist, never will be. I am neither a victim nor a cliche. I doubt you’ve ever met anyone like me.

I love sex and I find it very sad that so many of my “sisters” haven’t realized it’s power or release. Or that ultimately they should be doing only what truly pleases them – if they even knew what that was. Ladies, you should know what that is! I hope to share some thoughts and ideas with you. I speak only honesty, not what I think you want to hear. Some may call me brazen, but hey! Life is short and I have already wasted entirely too much time saying or thinking the “right” thing.

I will speak only in my own voice; I will never be someone’s tampon commercial. I do not say that I speak for all women, in fact I’m really glad I don’t! A lot of ya’ll are just fake, manipulative bitches. Yeah, I said it. And you all know it’s true. So welcome aboard my trip to the real, my awakening. I plan on having fun along the way!

Drink up, smoke up and step up, baby…. ‘cos I got something to say.

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