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Disconnect from reason

The voices never heard

A dark and gloomy season


Seems there is no pleasing

They do not heed the word

Disconnect from reason


Seems no one agrees on

The truth? Don’t be absurd!

A dark and gloomy season


Message they can seize on

A mute and docile herd

Disconnect from reason


Winter puts a freeze on

Except for those preferred

A dark and gloomy season


Dollars they just bleed on

Zeros becoming blurred

Disconnect from reason

A dark and gloomy season

TJ Darby



Headlights that dance along the wires

Racing at you in the night

Ghosts of quiet memories

That reside in abandoned general stores

Living on the road to nowhere

Supplicants come bearing fruits

Seeking favor before their idols

The dance of jesters before empty crowns

No promise they can fulfill

All leave Shangri-La empty handed

For destinations unknown

TJ Darby



Stones they set in earth
A temple to observe
A treasure holds it’s worth
In movements they preserve

This edifice stands still
In a misty shroud afield
Testament of the skill
What tools did they wield

Moon retires, depose the Queen
Sun ascends the ring
Banish night to reign supreme
Arise! The Sun is King

The hunter’s moon has waned
Field and forest were deserted
And those who then remained
Made the lands to farms converted

When the Sun became the measure
By which we mark our time
Into hours of toil or pleasure
And in darkness sleep sublime

We divide our days in hours
Weeks and months and years
Yet now we cower
Before a whole new set of fears

What promise was there granted
Was it all in vain
When those stones were planted
Upon the Wiltshire plain

TJ Darby


A Mad Moon

The mad thresher 

In  golden moon’s glow

Gleans the solemn harvest

From barren earth below

Seeds were sown

In wanton abandon

In gardens bereft of care

Left fallow land and

Their fruits then only spare

But from a seed

Forests may someday flourish

For not all need

Our attention to be nourished

For what man hath wrought

To esteem and guard from plunder

Nature without a thought

Will easily rend asunder

TJ Darby


The Birch Tree


The Birch outside my window waves

Her naked arms reach skyward still

Shed her skin upon the ground

Spent cells in multi-colors swirl

November’s wet, grey blanket

Lays to rest Autumn’s final fires

Rain soaked leaves and low cloud

Layers of a Winter shroud

Another season spent, she makes her bed

For sleep, sleep the long months ahead

Now early does the darkness fall

Now night will prevail the day

Claiming hours we thought our own

Adrift in a twilight grey

The Birch outside my window

Will hold her watch the winter long

While the Earth will rest

Until she will attest

The return of Spring’s sweet song

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