Our awful legacy

Black and white portraits

gaze innocent from the page

They give no indication

of the awful people we’d become

Black and white or grainy color

youth looks the same in any age

Their faces show no inkling

of the awful weight that is to come

Relentless time and gravity

will ever awaken the sleeping rage

when hopeful dreams face resistance

to these awful times that are now your home

What life is this

Bile and coffee grounds

morning’s bitter inheritance

The damned pub is closed

until 11:00 or later

And what day is it anyway

Life has grown time-lapsed

the heavens simply spin

upon an axis invisible

And what month is it anyway

Wars, and rumors thereof

Mounting crises all about

And what year is it anyway

Childhood’s vivid tapestry

Sorry, I’ve forgotten your name

And what life is this anyway