Boston: where shame resides

Patriot’s cradle

your harbor now polluted

with other than tea

That old Boston U

they feed us their rotted fruits

call it ambrosia

Martin Weissgerber

and that vapid AOC

best they can muster

Witness sad demise

Proud town on River Charles

hang your heads in shame


The Future American Icon

Cherry red lips

Dark eyes so wide

Set upon a burnished canvas

Those brows plucked so clean

there’s always a camera

Make sure that you are seen

With your hair drawn back

Oh yes, now you’re made

And they’ll feed what you lack

Causes to crusade

One more empty skirt

an ego to feed

A monster created

for a champion, at need

The truth is you know nothing

The blind spots of youth

Spared the inconvenience

of hearing the truth

You’ll be inflated

You’ll believe your own press

You’ll declare great wonders

In spite of the mess

That you foist off as gospel

for this modern age

And your tee shirts like Guevara

will become all the rage