Hang the DJ

Hes the Duke of Toques

Chillmaster Slim

Only sees the console

while they’re all watching him

Flashing strobes

Epileptic’s bane

Digital redoubt

Parties insane

Its the new jam session

beats per minute rule

They ride up in an Outback

with racks emblazoned Thule

Their down tempo revolution

never meant to cause a stir

Tripping balls in that solution

and we’ll never wonder who they were


New pulses

Now we dance the campfire headphase

while the axis tilts

and the heavens change their mask

New pulses surge

in the water and the earth

felt beneath your feet

This new air your transmitter

for molecules abuzz

and ions find new balance

Witness demolition

clearing new creative space

Equilibrium restored

Satellite anthems fall from the sun

And though your feet have not moved

you are in new space


Boards of Canada



Welcome Wednesday

The sticky syrup begins

it’s pained descent down the wall

from the landing zone above the stove

Like the day rolls down

in an ambient dub chill

Where skies and clouds are ever large

and this highway has no ending