Greetings Comrade Leader

Now is the time to heal. Our Dear Comrade Leader is a healing figure. We must trust Him. We of the glorious People’s Administrative State of DC are calling on all LOYAL subjects to come and drink freely from His font of truth and freedom. Come and join in our journey to a glorious new and woke People’s Republic.

In this time of healing and unity Dear Comrade Leader calls upon us to show compassion and mercy to those whose eyes have yet been opened to the truth of Woke. All true acts of charity are anonymous. When you report them no one need ever know that this was your act of charity. And if they return from the re-education camps you can tell them then, if you wish. They will be thankful.

Now that we have all had twenty-four hours to get acquainted, let’s get down to business, shall we? Dear Comrade Leader gently suggests that you all lay upon your sides. He would prefer that it should be your left side, but whichever is comfortable for you. Whether right or left, laying upon your side will most relax the rectum. We shall then proceed with what we call “gaping therapy”, whereby the anus will be progressively stretched by a series of graduated butt plugs. This is a process which typically requires 14 to 30 days; in some rare instances longer.

In the event that Dear Comrade Leader should sniff your hair please do not grow alarmed. This only means that your are among His most beloved. Blessed are those who are sniffed by Dear Comrade Leader or any of the Revered and most Holy Bi Deng clan.

As you are nearing the end of this process, comrade, you will be visited by the local DHS Kommissar. After your anus has been thoroughly inspected the Kommissar will either issue a certificate for full insertion, or recommend further gaping therapy. We realize that this will be uncomfortable for most of you. Perhaps even painful for some. We don’t care. You do not get to take it up the ass with the dick that you choose. You take it up the ass with the dick you are given. By April you will all be amazed how much you can take up your ass. Even without lube.


Where’s the money?

Looks a little like Roger Ebert before the whole gland thing kicked in, doesn’t he? Almost as charming too. This single-ply square of ass wipe goes by the name Gabriel Sterling. If you have not had the misfortune of actually listening to the human waste that spews from his parasitic turd holster, chances are you have at least heard or seen some reference to him as it relates to the election in Georgia. This little shit stain doesn’t think he is a clever dick: he thinks he is the clever dick. He’s not clever, but at least he is half right.

He’s best buds with Brad “the Rat” Raffensperger. They both simply adore Chinese, meeting on Thursday’s at an obscure Norcross takeout, Fook mi fook Yu. They shovel copious amounts of fried wontons and egg rolls into their mouths, dipping them into a vat of cream of sum yung gai. Here there are no pretenses, no disguises and no napkins. The masks are removed to reveal the full gluttonous, reptilian maws that lie beneath as they slop that cream all over, occasionally daubing their chins with shirt sleeves. It’s nasty stuff, that cream. It sticks to everything then dries to resemble the crusty stains found upon seedy motel sheets.

There is no currency exchange during these visits, no price for admission. The buffet is always open for these two because their bill has been paid. Big Pimp Daddy B in the Governor’s mansion opened up this Georgia brothel, but had to play legit in his new digs. Every good pimp knows that if you want your hos to work harder and smarter you have to keep them hungry. All Daddy B had to do was keep that spigot open on that sum yung gai pipeline and his top hos, Siskel and Ebert, would take it from there. The only other thing he needed to do was to be ready with the bail money in case they got popped. He’s got their bail, but I don’t think it’s going to help any of them.

These fools weren’t content to whore themselves out. They don’t have enough ass to feed their level of gluttony, but a good whore always knows what the Johns like. Or in this case the Wongs. They had 10.7 million of their fellow citizens to trick out to their Chinese patrons. And they were happy to do it. As long as that sum yung gai kept coming they would do anything. They used to gargle the stuff. Now they are bathing in it.

Where’s the money Brad? Gabe?

We know where it is. The way you are both behaving right now tells me that you know this. Keep obfuscating. Keep denying. The overpriced glamor whores in the media will keep covering for you, because hos gotta stick together, right? Whether it’s some high priced Manhattan call girl, or some common Atlanta street whore giving tuggers at ten dollars a nut like you, a whore is a whore.

The rest of the world is going to learn where the money went and very soon. And where it came from. After this week I don’t think either of you are going to be talking much at all, unless it is through your lawyers. Do you get lawyers at military tribunals? Hmm…..I’m not sure how that works. You fellas might want to brush up on that.


Stay tuned.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight…

I was stunned to recently learn, from a source no less credible than Joe Biden, that being black has nothing to do with the color of your skin. Yeah, apparently it’s all about your politics. You can’t be black if you don’t support democrat candidates, of which he is notably one. Despite the fact that Mr. Biden is descended from an ethnic group that is practically devoid of melanin in their skin, he has been able to assume the mantle of authority on this topic. The light reflected off of that pale, flaccid ass is nearly blinding. Were it not for the thin filter of that irresistible leg hair we’d all have been rendered completely sightless by now. Though not stated implicitly in his assertion, what is implied then is that one can not be “white” without white, liberal guilt. I don’t have any so I guess I’m not white? Shocker! Who would ever have believed it?

You know who is white? Let me introduce you to one of the whitest dudes I have ever seen:


That is an interesting quote, isn’t it? There are more, but we’ll circle back to some more of those later.  There seem to be an awful lot of people being given air time right now who enjoy lecturing us about white privilege. Do we have a working definition for what that is? One assumes that this must be out there somewhere, though I’ve yet to hear it. In the absence of a clear definition I’ll take a stab at this. Ready? Here we go….

Martin “King Manic” Weissgerber. King Manic, or Martin the Manic, was his twitter handle before locking up the account. Marty was born and raised in Boston. Brookline, to be exact. If you are not familiar with Boston I can tell you that you will find more racial diversity at a Klan rally than you’d find in Brookline, Mass. He boasts that his father is a Belgian marxist, now a professor. And mama? Why she is none other than Kathleen McKenna, the executive producer at WBUR, Boston’s own number one NPR station. These are the sorts of careers required to pony up the price of admission in an exclusive community like Brookline. So far this is a profile practically dripping with white, liberal guilt. Still, let’s not judge too hastily. We’d better make absolutely certain he is white. One has to be careful about racial identity these days. Apparently it has become a sensitive topic.

Here is a picture from that idyllic childhood. You might be shocked to learn that he is an only child. I’d have never guessed it.

Kathleen McKenna, Martin Weissgerber (in hat), and Tate Mitchell at the Attempted Gallery at the Brookline Arts Center.

Kathleen McKenna, Martin Weissgerber (in hat), and Tate Mitchell at the Attempted Gallery at the Brookline Arts Center.

This is young Marty, circa age 12 or 13. Seems he had a fondness for caps back then too. He is pictured here with mama hovering at his left. Hovering at the left is something this family is no doubt familiar with. Attending art exhibits, working in the community garden, these were the arduous tasks that helped to define young Marty’s world view, until he went off to college.  No dodging gang members or scraping change out of the couch cushions to take to the laundromat for this boy! Nosiree!

College was the esteemed Boston University, that august institution that has produced such glitterati as Nobel Economics Prize candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  An education (if one can call it that) at Boston University costs a pretty penny. I wonder how much student loan debt our Marty is buried under? Or did mommy and daddy foot the bill? You guess. Probably reach the same conclusion as me. It seems Martin professed a profound interest in Soviet studies. Apparently BU is one of those schools where one may pursue such courses of study. We can only imagine to what purpose.

Now I’m not one to embrace the idea that white privilege even exists. If it did, then I have been seriously shortchanged. Let’s for a moment, just for the purpose of our discussion, stipulate that white privilege does exist. I suspect it would look pretty much like the life of our young Marty.  If others are prepared to step forward with a more cogent definition of white privilege then I am all ears. Gimme your best shot.

Let’s take a look at some of the product issued from the union of a Marxist professor and an NPR executive producer, and an education from Boston University. Here are some quotes from the mouth of Martin Weissgerber:


  • “Leave it to the Soviets to Make the Most Badass F***ing, Most Effective Gun in the World…AK (47)…The Destroyer of Imperialism and Colonization…That’s Why I Want to Get it (AK-47) Tattooed on Me.”
  • “I’ll Straight Up Get Armed, I Want to Learn How to Shoot, and Go Train. I’m Ready for the F***ing Revolution…I’m Telling You. Guillotine the Rich.”
  • “Let’s Force Them (Billionaires) to Build Roads…Rebuild Our Roads, Rebuild Our Dams, Rebuild Our Bridges. Let’s Force Them…”
  • “What Will Help is When We Send All the Republicans to the Re-Education Camps.”
  • “So, do We Just Cease – do We Just Dissolve the Senate, House of Representatives, the Judicial Branch, and Have Something Bernie Sanders and a Cabinet of People, Make All Decisions for the Climate? I Mean, I’m Serious.”
  • “The Soviet Union Was Not Horrible…I Mean, for Women’s Rights the Soviet Union – I Think – the Most Progressive Place to Date in the World.”
  • Weissgerber Reveals That His Father is a Belgian Marxist Who Participated in the May 1968 Civil Unrest in Paris, France.
  • Weissgerber Says That His Mother is “Really Left as Well, but She Can’t Make Her Views Known Because She Works for WBUR, which is NPR…”


Now you needn’t accept my word for it. Go to Project Veritas and enjoy the video. You’ll actually get to hear it from his very own parasitic turd holster (thanks for that one Rick Sanchez). There is so much to tackle here!

On the first point, I doubt if Marty can figure out which end of the tube that the round comes out of. He’s going to get armed? Learn to shoot? Really? He’s had since January. Surely he would have passed a background check by now. Instead of this, though, we learn that Marty is like most armchair revolutionaries: he doesn’t actually get his hands dirty. Why do that when there is a ready made, oppressed minority to carry that water for him. That’s why he was doling out antifa dollars on North High Street to young blacks in Columbus, Ohio last week.

I seriously doubt that any of those young men would stop by here to visit, much less read, but if they did I would offer them a warning. Perhaps not the warning that you all might think. Perhaps warning is too strong a word. Maybe we shall say that I would offer a caution. That would go as follows:

As a people you have been liberated from slavery for more than 150 years. I have ancestors who fell on both sides of that conflict (that would be the civil war, in case you had not heard), as do many Americans, black and white alike. We hear conniptions spewing from the commentator class at the mention of invoking federal troops to quell the riots in our major cities. You might be interested to learn that the most notable occasions in this nation’s history when this act has been used were in the south, to police recalcitrant authorities there during the reconstruction period, and during the civil rights era of the 1950’s and 60’s. On both occasions these were used to protect African American citizens. Citizens, not slaves. Since that time you have allowed yourselves to be seduced by guilt ridden, white liberals from northeastern universities. They have promised you one New Jerusalem after another. They have rode upon your backs to positions of great power and authority and many, certainly not all, but many of you still live in squalor.  You have failed to learn that these people are using you. Just like you were still all slaves.

Yes, Black Lives Matter. Especially in an election year. The revolution you have all been promised may come. It will likely fail, but in the unlikely event that it should succeed your situation will not be changed, other than to be made worse. You will fight, and bleed, be imprisoned, and some of you may even die. Marty and others like him will ride upon your backs to their promised land without even so much as a scratch. Then you will be promptly forgotten and ignored. When that day comes I say good luck to you. The chance that your fellow citizens will be roused to save you again are practically non-existent. Given your track record that would be as big a waste as giving a donor liver to an unrepentant, life-long alcoholic.




The Bernie Boys are back in town

InkedFord Wenty profile image_LI

A Doom and Reprisal editorial from Ford Wenty, Ale 81 Inn field correspondent



Friends and countrymen, we have entered the surreal landscape of The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall. We have encountered the dark and moldy night of Mark E. Smith’s Bug Day. Once a fitting soundtrack for Poe or Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, it now chitters at us from dark corners at all sides; like colonies of roaches waiting for the rest of the lights go out. It would seem that it has become Bug Day in our cities across the nation. As the sun sets mindless swarms descend, devastating all in their path; unopposed by pesticide or natural predator.

You, the good citizens, have as the serfs of olden tymes, paid your tribute to the lords of the manor in exchange for their protections. Who among you now believes that you are getting your money’s worth? Please raise your hands now, lest there be any future doubt among us where fools reside. The fools who wear the crowns are already known. In the worst case these guardians have embraced the hoodlums with a mere au fait to the fact these are vandals, offering at least lip service to their solidarity with peaceful protestors. In the best case they are so naive as to sincerely trust that these are indeed peaceful and honestly aggrieved citizens, exercising their constitutional right to peaceably assemble in the pursuit of redress to an injustice. There is little credible evidence to show that there are many of this latter category. Honestly. How could any of them not know that these demonstrations had been hijacked by more nefarious players?  Speaking only for myself mind you, I will not be surprised to learn that some public officials have been rendered impotent by these thugs because they are politically compromised by prior association. My feelings won’t be hurt if I am proven wrong on this, nor will I apologize when in the position to say “I told you so”.

Martin Luther King. There was a peaceful demonstrator against racial injustice. John Lewis and Elijah Cummins, forgiving their later partisan foibles, at least had the cred of actually having been present, and they were peaceful protesters. These and many others from the historic era of the Civil Rights struggle in America marched to assert their liberties. They understood that Liberty is something which only survives in the light. They did not wear masks and they assembled, not at night, but in the light of day.  The common thugs that are being beamed into your homes, whether by television camera or smart phone video on social media, are not peaceful protesters. In one city after another it becomes painfully obvious that these mobs, like insects, prefer to come out at night. One mayor after another issues nightly curfews; a tacit admission that they are either unable or unwilling to gain control of order on their streets. Welcome to Bug Day in America.

Little drops of truth have begun to emerge. Evidenced reports of pallets of bricks, crates of Molotov Cocktails and other logistical support to these nightly assaults. And from those apprehended we get to learn who is posting bond for these people. It is undeniable that this is organized and it is supported. Even in the largely incurious mainstream media one will occasionally find this question, albeit accidentally, now being posed: where is this support coming from? There may be other parties in play, but this is chiefly the work of antifa. The moment this amorphous collection of miscreants are mentioned for possible classification as a terrorist organization, the usual class of jackals and vultures reflexively lurch to their defense.

It is always helpful to any cause to put a face on the enemy.  What does antifa look like? Well I am going to do our readers a favor and go back just a few short months into the Doom and Reprisal archives.  We need only hearken back to our posting of 20 January of this year, Bernie Bros Ballyhoo. Please allow me to reintroduce Messrs. Jurek et Weissgerber:

That is if you don’t recall, or if you care to take the time to refresh your memory. And there is this:


Now that is only a modest sampling of the two parties mentioned in our feature of 20 January. I believe it is possible to go back into the Project Veritas twitter feed from this January past, if you’d like to hear more from the big mouths on these two bags of shit.

Following their exposure during the early primary season their accounts on social media were clamped down tight. Jurek, I suspect, may be out of commission due to some pending charges in Iowa that have surely been adjudicated by now. There seemed to be little doubt of a conviction in that jurisdiction. To be fair and honest I have to say that I do not know this for certain and I don’t care enough about such a shit stain to expend the effort required to find out for sure. This Mr. Baird, from the Veritas video, is a later addition not featured in Bernie Bros Ballyhoo, but his name does come up again elsewhere. And Mr. Weissgerber. I thought it prudent to check up and see what he had been doing since we had last heard from him.

Well funny thing, huh? His social media accounts are still locked down, but…

Earlier this year both he and Mr. Jurek had neglected to erase their LinkedIn accounts. I found some interesting details about each of them on that platform. Upon revisiting these I found Jurek’s page still up, but with no new details. Martin Weissgerber’s page had been taken down, though through a search on the LinkedIn platform there were three results with content about our Weissgerber. I found one of these from Dr. Bikram Lamba, which I offer as worthwhile reading:

This, however, did not shed any light on young Marty’s more recent activities. It did make me go back and make a further query on fakebook to see if there were likewise content mentioning Martin Weissgerber. And I was not disappointed, as you may see below:



I’m certain that we’ll have more to show you soon. Make no mistake that these are the people we are dealing, or as seems more often the case NOT dealing with. Police are paraded before the cameras with all of their expensive and taxpayer purchased toys. While Rome burns. If you are armed be ready. Don’t expect the police. I wouldn’t expect many of these antifa cowards to venture out into our quarters, as they surely know that we are all too well armed and willing. In the event that they do show up at your gates, don’t hesitate. Warning shots are fine. Head shots are forever.


Ford Wenty report end, 2 June 2020