An aging punker’s epiphany in the parking lot behind the Adam and Eve store in Piqua

Yea, though I walk in the banal attire of the Chickenshit Conformist; I will countenance no Bullshit, for I am the most cynical fox in the henhouse.


These and other famous last words thunder throughout the epochs of history. I still share Biafra’s contempt, but I’ve learned to apply it more critically. Speech is only truly free when it comes without the obligation to listen.

And last, though hardly least, one must know the truth in the assertion that every revolutionary becomes a reactionary the day after the revolution succeeds.

Urban America is on the precipice of every square mile being exactly like Flint, Michigan. Much of it is already there. These are the new Warsaw Ghettos, where they mean to keep you. In perpetuity.

Every new cause is a call to arms; to the streets and to Twitter, where combat is sanitized and conducted only within the set of rules established by your minders. You are all tools doing the bidding of the Ghetto Masters. And you are all fool enough to keep going back for more.

Forty some years ago we were the white punks on dope. Today you’re all just a bunch of big white dopes, marching under banners that you believe will insulate you from the long arm of the Inquisitors of the Church of the Sacred Woke.. The look upon your faces when they come for you will be priceless.


It matters not what you do

with junk, trunk or cooch

Whether you like to smoke weed

or prefer some strong hooch

Buddhist or Baptist

Muslim or Jew

Anti-theists and agnostics too

We all have a share in liberty’s gift

This must be remembered

if we’re to cure the huge rift

that identity politics has torn in our sail

That destructive creed is destined to fail

What is good for one can’t be for another?

That’s what you tell us while you scold like our mother

When all have been made victims

then no oppressors remain

So I’m wondering then

just who will you blame?

Well the answer is simple

requires no introspection

Just look in a mirror

at your sorry reflection

Foreign agents?

We don’t recognize the petri dish

where your language is cultured

Pointy-headed lab coat factories

Illuminated in sustainable green technologies

Sterile work spaces

where nary an offensive phrase

should dare challenge

the reinvention of woke


The world is a large place

Grows smaller by the hour

The core condensed

As our orbit expands

Rhetorical flourishes speak of nothing

And land ends at the crease of the map

Frogs on a hotplate

To kittens in a blender

Misinformation expands

While memory contracts

Contrary speech hate

Return to sender

Easy substitution

For inconvenient fact

The gnostics cry from the grave

Leaving no question unposed

While still short on answers

Your prescription

Like conscription

Laxatives for stifled minds

Prophylactics for unclean thought

Cause for a day

Until new victims cultivate

Burn all the Savior myths

Your Messiah is the state

The reward is nothing

Inheritance spent