Being for the benefit of Mr. Schiff

For the benefit of Mr. Schiff

hearings held within a SKIF

their words they parse

The diplomats will all be there

Counsel furnished by lawfare

What a farce

Secret hearings and depositions

designed to weave a lie into fake news

It’s no test

Oh Mr. S

will muzzle his foes!

The celebrated Mr. S

will shit his pants and then digress

on Watergate

Then CNN will dance and sing

while Mr. Schiff flies through the ring

Don’t be late!

Mr. Schiff plays up to the gallery

His authority is second to none

And for sure

Nancy the pure

is hitting the sauce

The fun resumes on Tuesday morn

when Mr. Schiff will show his scorn

for Mr. Trump

Then Nancy dear will vacillate

upon how she will evacuate

such a dump

Having been some months in preparation

A splendid time is guaranteed for all

Take a whiff

Mr. Schiff

is shitting his pants

FM memories

Fevered dreams

divide by zero

Soundtracks past midnight

when the airwaves were free

Now perfected, digitized replicas

Memories held hostage

to satellite subscription

Backbeats and feedback

from the time we believed

we could make a difference


Train whistle

A train whistle wails in far distance

Rises to crescendo

as pipe organ, the cavernous hall

This solo act

drowns the choir

as grey souls stare silent

from their gilded pews

Swallow sermons whole

Dole out the word piecemeal

to none who would listen

Faith like the whistle

is only assumed

It’s source unseen,

yet we know their existence

from tracks left behind



It matters not what you do

with junk, trunk or cooch

Whether you like to smoke weed

or prefer some strong hooch

Buddhist or Baptist

Muslim or Jew

Anti-theists and agnostics too

We all have a share in liberty’s gift

This must be remembered

if we’re to cure the huge rift

that identity politics has torn in our sail

That destructive creed is destined to fail

What is good for one can’t be for another?

That’s what you tell us while you scold like our mother

When all have been made victims

then no oppressors remain

So I’m wondering then

just who will you blame?

Well the answer is simple

requires no introspection

Just look in a mirror

at your sorry reflection

We are not asleep

Listening for sounds inside empty spaces

Reading the signs upon empty faces

This is the lot of the thinking breed

The fertile ground where ideas take seed

This Sartrian web of existence it seems

serves as backdrop to more sinister schemes

Like conventional wisdom and protocol

Why should any of this matter at all?

Sycophantic fools serve at the behest

of those who would crush us, should we protest

Self-deceit is built upon vanities flattered

Now they can’t comprehend how their plans were all shattered

So now will they finally surrender to need

and fully embrace their nihilist creed?