The Rise of the Bootysnatcher

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A report from Ale 81 Inn field correspondent, Ford Wenty

Strange days in Iowa.  Iowa, at least in my experience, has always been a bit odd. Let’s face the facts, unappealing as they may be. Minneapolis-St.Paul can not possibly contain all of the lunatic fringe in the Upper Midwest. Even with Madison, WI the region is still in dire need of an habitat for this endangered breed. What better than the nothingness of their buck-toothed cousin to the south, home of the Harkin democrat.


In a statement released late Monday night, an Iowa Democratic Party spokesman said:

“We found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results. In addition to the tech systems being used to tabulate results, we are also using photos of results and a paper trail to validate that all results match and ensure that we have confidence and accuracy in the numbers we report. This is simply a reporting issue, the app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion. The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results.”


Well alrighty then! Not a very satisfactory state of affairs. They have only had, what, four years to get ready for this thing? One almost has to feel bad for this spokesperson. Almost. I get it, things are going sideways and all of the sudden you are the guy that they decide to throw to the wolves; to nudge out upon the stage with a story. Because some story has to be told. Even if it isn’t a very good one. It’s your story and come hell or high water, you’re sticking to it.

I would ask that you, the reader, please keep the following in mind as you follow this story. With an accuracy greater than the completion percentage of most NFL quarterbacks, it can be assumed that any official spokesperson of the democrat party is lying. It becomes mostly just a question of degree. It may be a minor obfuscation or omission, a slight shading of the truth; or they may just be flat out lying their ass off. Whichever case may apply in this instance we do not yet know for certain, but rest assured this story will change in the days ahead.

There has been some talk about a defective app, a specially designed political tabulation app produced by? Democrats! Some of Hillary’s people involved somehow and, directly or indirectly, Mayor Buttplug is an investor in this group? And Biden? Maybe, maybe not, and what does any of it mean? It’s quite possible all of this is just so much noise. After a couple of days the chatter and the dust will settle and we’ll be worried about New Hampshire. Or maybe there is more “there” there. Until all of the details get rooted out, corroborated or refuted, we can only rely upon this time honored question to point us to the truth: qui bene?

I wonder…. they were awful quick to include mention of (by denying any occurred) the prospect of a breach or hack. Just like during the democratic convention in 2016, when they just happened to have that fellow from Crowdstrike at hand to explain that DNC hack. Remember? I sure do. Do your own homework kids. There is plenty of video.

So what could really have been going on? Well, I wonder if it had anything to do with this, from Judicial Watch:


(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that eight Iowa counties have more voter registrations than their eligible voting-age population. According to Judicial Watch’s analysis of data released by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in 2019 and the most recent U.S. Census Bureau’s five-year American Community Survey, eight Iowa counties are on the list of 378 counties nationwide that have more voter registrations than citizens living there who are old enough to vote, i.e., counties where registration rates exceed 100%. These 378 counties combined had about 2.5 million registrations over the 100%-registered mark. In Iowa, there are at least 18,658 “extra names” on the voting rolls in the eight counties at issue.

The chart below details the eight Iowa counties’ registration rate percentages:

Reg Rate Total Population
Dallas County 114.8 80,864
Johnson County 107.9 144,425
Lyon County 102.5 11,745
Madison County 102.5 15,720
Poweshiek County 102.1 18,428
Dickinson County 100.9 17,000
Scott County 100.8 171,493
Warren County 100.5 48,630

In addition to the eight listed above, Polk County, Iowa’s largest, has an unusually high registration rate of 95.9% of total eligible citizen voting-age population.


What might the one have to do with the other? Qui Bene? Let’s say that you’ve somehow managed to “bank” an extra 20,000 ballots. In a tight race 20,000 ballots can make the difference. Especially in a widely divided field. In order to make that plan go smoothly the beneficiary would need to be in on the game. So which of this field would the DNC most like to win the race. Qui Bene? If you think the answer is Joe Biden you would be sorely mistaken. Bernie? Liz? Meh! Not so much. Surely not Mayor Buttplug!? Again, no.

Who is conspicuously absent from this field? Michael Bloomberg. Qui Bene? Doubt me? Look at the spin that the network shills at the Ministries of Propaganda will paint upon this canvas in the week leading up to the New Hampshire primary and then tell me I’m wrong.

This level of incompetence is not a naturally occurring event, even for democrat activists. This is the kind of stupid that does not occur without some planning. This is a smoke screen, or perhaps better stated, a woke screen. Breath there any among us who believe that the Iowa Democrat Party operates as a fully autonomous entity? Or do they take their marching orders from the national committee, the DNC? Just ask the Bernie supporters. They know the truth of this by their own experience.

Bloomberg is the DNC choice. He adheres to a maxim long respected among the democrat donor class: that you win elections the old fashioned way. You buy them. Since Mini Mike was too late to the dance he could not risk a poor showing in Iowa. So? Don’t show at all and be insulated from it.  I suspect that the truth that democrat operatives in the state of Iowa have known for some time, is that Bernie Sanders was trending to be the clear winner from the field. The DNC is not going to have any of that. There is too much real money at stake.

Not finding enough “blank ballots” in their bank to effectively blunt Sanders’ performance, the subsequent fiasco is designed to delay, obfuscate and de-legitimize the entire caucus. As they begin to shape their narrative it will be molded to show a strong performance from Sanders, but not a clear win. Hence we see the emerging numbers to indicate that Mayor Buttplug is on top with Bernie running a close second. That is with 60 some percent of the votes counted. A la Rick Santorum in 2012, some weeks later after New Hampshire has already been decided, the revised count will show what they can no longer hide: Bernie came out on top.

The DNC got away with this in 2016 and apparently think they can do it again, but they must be concerned. Otherwise, why bestow the legitimacy upon Buttplug? Could it be that they are aware that they risk completely alienating the Bernie wing of their party? They have fronted themselves with blacks, women, and they have tried with Hispanics and even those only suspected of being Hispanics; yet all to no avail. They’ve not yet tried serving up the gay slice of the woke pie. Until now. We just got our first serving.

Mayor Buttplug is sufficiently woke to balance the smart money Bloomberg ticket. He is being groomed for a VP berth on the Bloomberg train, an insurance to carry enough of the woke wing of the party across the finish line. So…where does it go from here?

Joe Biden is still hanging out at the Y in Cedar Rapids, scaring Middle School kids with his leg hair. Senator Warren is scheduling another appointment with the John Kerry speech coach to learn how to properly ask, when in flyover country, ” Can I get me a _____”. Beer, huntin’ license, pair o’ bowlin’ shoes……insert the credulous rube meme of your choice here. Bernie is off to beg for more cash wherever he can find it and Mayor Buttplug?

He was last seen driving east on I-80 with a trunkload of Bloomberg campaign cash. He and his sweetie will stop for a quickie at the Motel 6 on 933 North in South Bend. They’ll share a cheap bottle of gas station Spumante and some Snickers bars before riding down to an empty lot on Sample Street, where they will bury the trunk full of dirty money for a rainy day. Then it’s on to New Hampshire, where no doubt they will be feted and ceaselessly fawned over by a suddenly adoring media. The DNC is betting that they can make this Bernie’s last stand. I would bet that they are wrong. These are a people so tone deaf they can not even recognize the roar of the monster they themselves created.


Brazil revisited

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A report from Ale 81 Inn field correspondent, Ford Wenty


After watching the farcical proceedings of the Adam Schiff Show for the past couple of weeks I was prompted to revisit one of my favorite dystopian tales, the 1985 Terry Gilliam film Brazil.  There are doubtless those within our audience who are familiar with the film, though I suspect that these would be in the minority. In the nearly thirty-five years since it’s release it is fair to say that despite Academy Award nominations, and the timeliness of the picture’s theme, it is something which has faded to relative obscurity.  For those not familiar I do highly recommend that you look up Brazil and set aside 94 minutes that you can easily part with. Some green would be in order for the occasion, or any other mind altering poisons that you have successfully tamed.

A little background here for those who may be completely unfamiliar. Terry Gilliam is best known as the lone Yank of the legendary English comedy troupe, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, most notably as producer of their bizarre animated sequences. It was a quite ambitious undertaking at the time, just four years after Gilliam’s first foray into film, Time BanditsBrazil incorporates some of the same fantasy elements as it’s predecessor; some may say these are overdone to the overall detriment of the Brazil storyline. The film employs what may only be called a “retro-futuristic” landscape, in much the same fashion as the more recent A Series of unfortunate Events. The sets depicting the outside world are eerily reminiscent of those presented in the early sci-fi masterpieces of famed German director Fritz Lang.

The cast was comprised of a veritable who’s who of British cinema, many of whom in ensuing years were to become well known to American audiences. One would need begin with Jonathan Pryce as the story’s chief protagonist, Sam Lowry. You will recognize him from his later roles in films like Four Weddings and a Funeral and the Brendan Fraser Mummy franchise.  There were also fellow Python alum, Michael Palin; Ian Holm, later best known as Bilbo Baggins from Peter Jackson’s LOTR universe; a not yet well known but certainly recognizable Bob Hoskins, later of Roger Rabbit and countless others. A bit of truly obscure trivia for you: Hoskins’ role was that of a workman, an HVAC technician from government’s Central Services. He had a partner which was none other than Nigel Planer, better known as Neil the Hippie from BBC 4’s short lived The Young Ones a few years prior. There were also some well known American talents, including Katherine Helmond, who was quite familiar to American audiences at the time from her television role in the hit ABC sitcom, Soap. In the most unlikely of roles Robert DeNiro appeared as one Harry Tuttle, the renegade HVAC technician and enemy of the State.

Without divulging all, for the benefit of those who may wish to check out the picture, it will have to suffice here to say that Brazil is a sort of dystopian parody/romance.  Those who have seen and recall it will likely concur with that summation. It is, if nothing else, the most unique treatment of the genre; the cinematic equivalent to Kafka. There has long been an audience in the English speaking world for the dystopian nightmare. In Brazil, like other British iterations, these are depicted as a moribund bureaucracy possessed of only the most inept and unintended malevolence. American interpretations tend to be more sinister in character. In truth any dystopia should contain equal parts of each. The absurd element of the bureaucratic state is captured sometimes subtly, but always brilliantly in this film. Some may have already drawn the connection, while others may still be pondering: what is the connection between this and the impeachment hearings? 

Well, recall that I began by stating that these hearings were the impetus for my cinematic retrospective. There have been an abundance of storylines that feed into this idea of the unaccountable state run amok. Each day there is some new element of federal agency malfeasance exposed and it all broadly coalesces into one large and intricately connected web, for those who will take the time to connect all the dots.  I contend that this can not be the result of mere ineptitude, rather it is by design. By the very complexity of these schemes, any attempt to explain and expose them becomes so convoluted that it makes it a very easy target for the label of “conspiracy”. The fact that the players within this drama are insulated, so far removed from any semblance of reality that exists beyond their bubble, is evidenced by something as innocuous as their language.

When I refer to language I do not mean the manner of speech used by the witnesses brought before this inquisition, telling as that may be. I mean instead their shorthand, the lexicon of their profession. Languages evolve out of a unique or distinctive culture. In the last two weeks we have been presented a cross section of unelected functionaries representing various sectors of what I like to think of as the “permanent security state”. There were the State Department, the Defense Department, and my personal favorite; the playground of the Ivy League farm club system and globalist tainted think tanks, the National Security Council. One watches, one listens, and one reads; and one is overwhelmed.

State. Secretaries and Under Secretaries, and deputies thereof. Ambassadors, deputy Ambassadors, chargee d’affaires and chiefs of mission. Oh, and don’t forget the venerated “special envoy”.

Defense. Active duty US Army, assigned to NSC at White House, reporting through chain of command to John Bolton, while also liaising with State and also reporting to an as-yet-to-be-named intel agency. Nice!

And the NSC. As far as the current impeachment narrative runs this is where the crux lies. The NSC: inextricably attached to CIA, DIA, DHS and every other damned alphabet soup bureau and/or agency in our federal government.

Even the House itself: committees and subcommittees, Intel, Oversight, Judicial and more. Question: how many lawyers does it take to fuck up a free lunch? And in the Justice Department and all of it’s many moving parts? DOJ-NSD, OCA, OCG, Directors, Deputy Directors, Deputy Assistant Directors, Counter-intel, AG, DAG, DAAG, and on, and on and on.

All of this nonsense, cumulatively, adds up to this theater of the absurd quality as viewed in the film Brazil. It’s like a Mad Magazine marathon of Spy vs. Spy, each little cell programmed to eternally perform it’s function oblivious to the body politic as a whole. It has become a living yet mindless organism, dedicated as are all organisms, to it’s own propagation. Look at it carefully, America. Is this what we have become? Reduced to a pathetic cartoon? Never mind ANY of the subject matter at hand. Just LOOK at what an absolute FARCE the entire thing is. Not just the hearings, but the ENTIRE federal government. And just like in the film there are only two ways that the absurdity comes to an end: by it’s utter destruction or by it’s own complete and utter victory.

We have but one, ONE chance to cleanse this filth in a peaceful and bloodless fashion. If we fail to do so something much worse will follow, for good or ill.


Ford Wenty report end, 23 November, 2019




Zuckerstein’s Monster



Dr. Zuckerstein while at NBC

created in his lab what would be

an abomination without a soul

Only safe under his control

Some cheered while others yawned

at the creature he had spawned

But the scariest monster built in that lab

was Zuckerstein’s ego, why he thought he was fab!

He preened and he postured, he practiced his Zen

until he ascended the throne at CNN

Now this was more like it, this was his league

where he could play kingmaker and other intrigue

His plan was sheer brilliance, he deployed it with haste

He would loose his creation upon the debates

This stirred up a panic that he only stoked more

while giddily laughing at the ratings galore

He gave it more air time to set up loss and disgrace

to gather spoils from the winner of the race

How’d that work out Jeffrey?

Are you feeling the heat?

You’ve created a monster

that you can not defeat

Icarus daydreams

Icarus daydreams rain wax and feather

and these precede much fouler weather

These fables and follies you entertain

the product of minds quite deranged

Liars all, of an exquisite class

Do or say anything to save your own ass

Privilege, it is an intoxicating swill

If you can’t have it then no one will?

You can brush it off

or just take it lightly

but failure is an option

In fact it is likely

Gazette and Pencilneck give it another go. Or not…

It had been some time since she had seen him in person. She had, of course, maintained an interest in his activities. Though he had gone relatively quiet for a time, there remained an ample collection of press conference and hearing appearances from which to observe. In recent months these had increased markedly in volume, again piquing her interest in the man who had so eagerly indulged her penetration fantasies. He still looked mostly the same, though there was something different.  He still presented a comical stick figure profile with those buggy eyes and bad haircut, yet there seemed to be a new confidence in him. It was almost as if he had actually grown a spine.

Though he had still called upon her periodically, the intimacy they had once shared was absent. For a brief time she had actually considered that dear Pencilneck had grown a set and gone the way of MGTOW. “Nah! Too beta for that!”, she had checked herself.  Being the same self-centered bitch as ever she returned to form, assuring herself that the Pencilneck’s renewed frequency in the spotlight could only be a signal that he would soon return to grovel for her help. And it was indeed true; he clearly had waded out into waters well over his head. It was only a matter of time before he came crawling back. Like all the rest of her desperate suitors. They always did.

After viewing his pathetic performance on Sunday 13 October she found herself in a quandary. This latest intrigue he had launched largely on his own. He certainly had not consulted her expertise in these matters. The entire escapade was amateurish from it’s inception. Even the most absolutely moronic soul in DC could see this. If only he had asked for her help before, but now? She dreaded the call. Not because of what she knew she must say, rather because of her immensely conflicted feelings.

She was at once drawn to him and repulsed by him. Drawn to his vulnerability. Vulnerability has been Gazette’s lifeblood throughout her long and storied career. These are the souls she has preyed upon and made her own for an age. She runs the cool kids club. This vulnerability, however, was born of the man’s own arrogance and stupidity. It was a sign of weakness and he wore it well. He now reeked of desperation and failure, two qualities which Gazette had long striven to distance herself from. She found an uncommon need to chastise herself, contrary as it is to her vain nature.

Though the Pencilneck could mouth all the correct platitudes by rote, he really never belonged in their club. He wasn’t as smart, he wasn’t really good looking at all. Not even interesting looking (which usually will suffice for entry). And most of all…..well, no matter how much lipstick you put on the pig, he just isn’t cool enough to be in the club. Cool enough is that certain je ne sais quoi that only Gazette and those of her innermost circle may define. You know. The sort of things beyond mere plebeian comprehension. She could see where it might be said that she was to blame for this: it was her fault for introducing him into the cool kids club. From this he had formed the delusion that he was capable of pulling this off on his own. It was almost sweet in a way. It was like he was trying to show off for her. Oh, would that it should not turn so tragic!

The reality of it was that he was now toxic. He might remain a source for some juicy leaks, but that would have to stay behind the curtain. He would, at least for a time, remain a tool. Just as he had always been. He came at a time when she was at her low ebb, giving up that booty to manifest her rage at being rejected. Used him up like a tampon. 

Studying that video carefully Gazette noted one detail that allowed her a moment of relief for the poor sap. In addition to an apparent spinal implant it became evident that Pencilneck had undergone some work of a cosmetic nature. That previously missed, subtle change in his appearance was about his mouth. A lip job, one supposes to say. It seems he’s had them molded in a perpetually pursed shape and….if one looks very carefully it will be noted that the inside of the lips have been tattooed with the caption: Caution- large brown logs entering and exiting roadway at this point.  He may be nothing but a tool, but there is something to be said for him embracing it.


Ford Wenty report end 16 October 2019