Wait… what? Vol. 45

I don’t know what is going to come of all these investigations in Washington. I’m a skeptic where it comes to that town. I won’t be surprised if nothing ever happens to any of them. I can say one thing, though. If you have seen the program The View lately you know what I’m talking about. If Hillary ever does go to prison? Meghan McCain moves to the front of the line as custodian for Hillary’s collection of pantsuits.

Wait… what? Vol. 44

At some time in your life you may make the unnerving discovery that there is someone living rent free in your head. DON’T EVER let that person (or persons) know this. The minute they realize they’ve been found out they will assert squatters rights and you will never be rid of them.

Wait… what? Vol. XL

Welcome to this special EXTRA LARGE Sunday edition of Wait… what?

There is no growing old, really. You live as hard as you can for as long as you can, until…. you can no longer. After that, whether in the ground, floating above it in ash or merely taking up space upon it; that is then death.  This may account for the popularity of The Walking Dead.


Wait… what? Vol. 39

Robert Palmer came to me in a dream last night, which was kinda weird because I was never really a huge fan….. Anyway, he said the world as we know it will end in 2036 when the last of his hot Euro babes from the videos passes away.  I think its on a Thursday. Or Sunday. There is some confusion related to various calendars. Well, plenty of time to prepare. What for I’m not sure, but we thought you all might like to know. Have a really weird day. Please.