Wait… what? Vol. 29

These fucking emojis are going to become our hieroglyphics.  Some day, centuries from now, some unfortunate well digger is going to strike some of our sad remains. They’ll be the remnants of a species left with stunted speech through their descent into irrelevance. They’ll puzzle this curiosity and wonder, in whatever tongue they understand, and say “What the fuck was wrong with these people?”


Wait… what? XXVI

It makes no difference what kind of suit you wear. If you are selling shit then you are still a shit salesman. I guess those who are proud of it feel the need to dress up for the occasion.

Wait… what? XXV

All you need to understand human behavior is to understand animal behavior. Human behavior is essentially the same, except that with humans one must begin with the knowledge that each and every one of them are fucked up. There’s your diversity….we are all fucked up in our very own special way.