Wait… what? Vol. 62

The only “non-essential” workers are the worthless bags of shit you’ve been seeing on your TV screens for the past six weeks. What will they do when this is over? If there is a god they will all drop dead.

Wait… what? Vol. 61

Well folks, it’s been fifty years now and it’s official. Ohio Governors are STILL shitting upon the rights of the state’s citizens.  At least they haven’t shot anyone this time. Yet.

Oh well, the day is still young…


Wait… what? Vol. Sixty-Super-Spectacular!

Writing is a lot like smoking weed. If you smoke the same strain all the time, you don’t get any higher by smoking more. You just get lower on weed.

Writing is the same, in that one has to have more than one voice. This is despite the fact that it is generally considered that “multiple voices” are sure sign of mental illness. One of these statements is true. Or both. I’m not certain that the two ideas are mutually exclusive.


Wait… what? Vol. 59

My sincere thanks to Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. Now I finally have a good rhyme for Hitler. It’s not exact, but yeah…..it works.

P.S. –  You should have closed your marijuana dispensaries too. Your stores sell shitty, overpriced dope.

Wait… what? Vol. 57

I am not an optimist or pessimist. I am a realist. That having been said, I will hazard this “silver lining” to the Covid-19 cloud.  In other parts of the world the virus ranges anywhere from a non-event to an utter catastrophe.  Here, in the land of the free and home of the brave, one of the most dire of consequences suffered is a shortage of toilet paper.  For a long time this country has been beset with a different plague, that being large numbers of people who are apparently incapable of wiping their own ass. We can only hope that the discipline instilled from the hardship of this tissue paper crisis will at least improve their skills.

One thing is for certain. Kimberly-Clark shareholders have to be very impressed with their quarter one 2020 performance. Second quarter looks promising too.

Wait… what? Vol. 56

This is for all of you dishonest, fear mongering hacks who dare to call yourselves journalists:

In the two-hundred plus years of our nation’s history there have countless numbers of men, far better than you, who have died face down in blood and filth to preserve your first amendment rights.  It would be a great measure of respect for these souls if you were to begin honoring that sacrifice with honest and responsible journalism. It’s not too late. You could start today. I’m not holding my breath.