Wait… what? Vol. 67

I just made a very disturbing discovery.  When writing about the current Ohio governor I tend to use shorter forms of his name and or title within the context of the narrative. My designated name for him is “bug eyed sack of worm shit”. Then I started looking closer at this…. B – ug E – yed S – ack O – f W – orm S – hit.  BESOWS…..BEZOS ?

Naaah! Couldn’t be!


Wait… what? Vol. 66

Here at the Inn we are debating the incorporation of a weekly film feature.  Our thoughts were to select films which bear a theme in keeping with the current times. To that end we have two leading candidates:

Blazing Saddles – a film depicting one black American’s single handed struggle against institutional racism


Cider House Rules – a film depicting those who write rules for others who are not beholden to those same rules themselves


They are both solid contenders, but we’d like to hear what you think. Let us know and we’ll get back to you.

Wait… what? Vol. 63

The late Frank Zappa once said, “America is a land of law; poorly written and randomly enforced”.

Many of you ignored him. Many of you doubted him. Look around you now and try again to tell me he was wrong.


Wait… what? Vol. 62

The only “non-essential” workers are the worthless bags of shit you’ve been seeing on your TV screens for the past six weeks. What will they do when this is over? If there is a god they will all drop dead.