Our Duty to Offend

A Doom and Reprisal OPINION piece from Mr. Ford Wenty


That’s right. Jack is back.  Are you offended already? That was kind of the intention. For those with a sense of humor, you are encouraged to read on.

This will be quite abbreviated from my normal rant, so without further ado here are my thoughts on this, the final week of January 2020.

Here we are in the week following the observance of the Dr. King holiday and fast approaching the annual celebration of Black History Month. Gonna have to bust out some of the old Al Green records to get myself all pumped up for it. The reason for my cynicism is nothing to do with any antipathy to black people. It comes, instead, because there is nothing truly special or commemorative in either. Not any more. The hyper-consciousness of not just race, but “identity” issues in general, here and now in the age of the Sacred Woke have so diminished the importance of the “special awareness dates”. In the age of the Sacred Woke special awareness is omnipresent. In our childhood many of us may recall what may have been referred to as “Christmas Specials” ( Charlie Brown, Rudolph, Frosty…). Now they are available on disc or streamed from any of a host of sources: no longer special. It’s the same thing. Everything has been devalued. It helps properly condition a sleeping populace for the imminent collapse of their currency, but that’s another rant.
Besides the echoes of that great, sonorous voice of Dr. King proclaiming “I have a dream”, the most often cited words of the great man are “judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin”.  To nearly all with an IQ above 60 the stark contradictions to this premise which are found in the identity politics of the Sacred Woke are unmistakable. There is a great hand wringing over this in some quarters, but to my thinking the simplest way to refute these foolish ideas is to simply ignore them. I seldom play by anyone else’s  rules and see no reason why the Sacred Woke should be any exception.
I am sometimes criticized and occasionally censored because of my use of certain  epithets in some of my work. Words like nigger or kike, faggot or dyke. Taken within their context these words are never used with any malicious intent. Rather, I may use these to accurately depict a stereotype. A stereotype is just a multi-faceted caricature. Caricatures are, at least in my opinion, indispensable in satire. Satire is but one of many means by which one may exercise their free speech. It is no more, nor is it any less entitled to those protections. If one professes to value free speech then it must be understood that free speech is like muscle mass: if you don’t use it you lose it.
In the age of the Sacred Woke the citation of Dr. King’s character/skin color equation is always offered in the affirmative sense. That is to say that we are to set aside any consideration of race which might cause one to ignore or diminish a person’s positive attributes and accomplishments. Applied equally then we must also ignore race in our judgment of negative attributes. Just as we must not exclude on the basis of race, we must also not excuse upon that same basis. In layman’s terms: being an asshole is an equal opportunity employer.
To celebrate Black History Month I am going to encourage all, regardless of race, to celebrate their constitutional freedoms to be who they are, mind their business and prosper. You are only guaranteed the opportunity, not the outcome.

Woke politicians

You young people better wake up and realize the nonsense you are being sold. These woke politicians do not have your back. Nearly all of their narratives involve the sky falling, by one means or another. In each one of these scenarios they have people, individually or collectively, at whom they point the finger of blame. While they are continually assuring you that they will furnish your protection from these calamities, they are plotting ways that they can hasten the crash so they may “come to the rescue” as promised. This kind of behavior is indicative of a mental disorder: Munchausen’s by proxy. Look it up…..



It matters not what you do

with junk, trunk or cooch

Whether you like to smoke weed

or prefer some strong hooch

Buddhist or Baptist

Muslim or Jew

Anti-theists and agnostics too

We all have a share in liberty’s gift

This must be remembered

if we’re to cure the huge rift

that identity politics has torn in our sail

That destructive creed is destined to fail

What is good for one can’t be for another?

That’s what you tell us while you scold like our mother

When all have been made victims

then no oppressors remain

So I’m wondering then

just who will you blame?

Well the answer is simple

requires no introspection

Just look in a mirror

at your sorry reflection

Foreign agents?

We don’t recognize the petri dish

where your language is cultured

Pointy-headed lab coat factories

Illuminated in sustainable green technologies

Sterile work spaces

where nary an offensive phrase

should dare challenge

the reinvention of woke


She must have carried a heavy weight

Something peculiar about her gait

Sophistry as legal tender

The march that reeks of sour agenda

We are woke

We have open eyes

We can see you’re the tyrants

You claim to despise

Your every defense and objection

shows your mastery of projection

You could hold your own parade

but your shit doesn’t sell

You’re the flavor of popsicles

served in Hell

And the anger etched upon your face

is what’s made this country an ugly place

So just go home to your precious safe space